is each bag's color a little different??

  1. I am going a little crazy with trying to find the right shade of red. Each individual bag seems a little different from another, even when it is the same year and official color. Can people shed light on this? I was at Neiman's today looking at a bunch of bags in person and it was very striking. This makes me afraid to order one on line...
  2. I do believe there are several different nuances of every color Bal makes. To make matters worse, photographing one purse in different light or even at different angles, can look like two or three different bags.

    I went crazy a while back trying to figure out what color Truffle really was, (there's a string around somewhere with nice ladies trying to help me) because all the photos looked so different. I think your best bet is to ask any on-line or long distance seller to please take photos in several different lights, indoors, with and without flash, direct sun, heavy shade etc. That way you can be sure that you like the color in most lights. It is possible to end up happy. I did get a beautiful truffle Day that is exactly what I'd hoped (from a sweet PF girl). Come back and post a photo or three, if you find your perfect red! :yes:
  3. Thanks! I have to figure out how to post pictures (am the most technologically backward person in the universe)!
  4. Yes and you have to know that each picture is accurate, despite the bag looking so different in picture to picture.

    Some batches of leather are also a little different. My Vert Gazon wallet is much greener than the Twiggy, the Twiggy has a lot more yellow in it. I imagine that can also happen from bag to bag and batch to batch.

    Also, you are comparing bags side to side. If you ordered a bag and had it in your hand with no other red bag to compare it to, that may make a difference. Maybe just decide on which red you prefer, order it and let that be your red bag and don't compare it to the others, especially if you can go to Neimans and choose it yourself. : )

    I wish you well,