Is DVF True to Size?

  1. Hi Ladies...

    I'm about to purchase the Dianne Von Furstenberg Denise cute, black wrap style with an obi belt that has contrasting color.

    I have never owned a DVF before and was wondering how her stuff fits. I am a size 6 (with hips!!) and am wondering if I should stick with that size or size up. I can't try it on because I'm ordering it online.

    Thanks for any insight you may have.:yes:
  2. I have a few DVF dresses and I find that they're exactly true-to-size.
  3. I'm also a size 6 with hips (which sometimes even make me a size 8, depending!) and DVF also fits me perfectly true-to-size. I'd go for it!
  4. I am also pretty hippy and I take a 6 in DVF, I find it runs true to size
  5. i find dvf sizing all over the place, at one point i had one in every size between 2 and 10 :wtf: i only had more than one of 4s and 6s though.
  6. I think it depends on the style and season. If it's a wrap dress it's true to size in my opinion. I have wrap dresses in both 0 and 2 and they fit me well.
  7. I bid on and won three DVF dresses on a charity website. When I spoke to the person at the DVF studio, she told me to go one size up, because it was fitted in the chest area and as I get older, my chest is getting bigger (no fair, where were they when I wanted them). I usually take a 6, but whenver a DVF dress is fitted, I get an i.
  8. I am fairly large-chested (32D), and I find that I have to wear a large-ish size in DVF, but they are still pretty true to size. For the non-wraps, though, I have to get them in a size or two larger that what I'd wear in pretty much any other label.