Is dusty soft?

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  1. I have my eyes on dusty now..Not sure whether another MAM or a market tote..
    For those of you who has it,is it soft? Is it easy to get dirty?
    I got a toddler in the house. So, always have to ask in case she has her somewhat messy hands on my bag...:smile:
  2. I recently bought the Dusty MAM and the leather is smooshy soft. It collapses quite a bit if empty. I love the leather on this bag. The color isn't quite as light as some web pics, it's kind of a light brown with little dark flecks -- kind of makes it more dimensional rather than one flat color.

    If you have a toddler, it may be somewhat delicate to use, however. I've used it for a week (a little Apple spray protectant) and I've managed to keep it clean so far.

    It's a beautiful bag and my favorite neutral. It really goes with any color clothing. I love mine!
  3. WCLC, thanks for sharing your experience...
  4. I have one on the way actually. But before I purchased this, I purchased a Dusty Steady from Bloomies online and then decided I shouldn't spend the money. So I cancelled my order but they said there was a chance I still might get the bag and if so to just send it back. So I got the bag from Bloomies today and even though I have a Dusty Steady coming from somewhere else now at a much better price, I just had to see what it looked like now before I sent it back to Bloomies. I opened it but didn't take it out of the plastic. I LOVE the color. Just beautiful. And my Steady is the Dusty Silverspot and it looks so much better in real life. I say go for it. I was really a pleasant surprise to be honest! Wasn't expecting it to be as beautiful as it was. I wish I could've touched it tough!
  5. The dusty is really soft, and from my experience with the many types of leather, it is definitely one that needs to be sprayed, sprayed well, and sprayed often. The velvety texture is a tell-tale sign of porousness, which means it is in danger of absorbing whatever it comes into contact with - water, grease, dirt, sweat from hands (definitely treat the handles on this color).

    However, as long as it is sprayed with protectant every few months, it should be okay and hold up great! Its a beautiful leather and a beautiful color.

    I have the market tote and think it is the perfect color for it. However, the market tote is heavier and a much bigger bag than the morning after mini. It won't be your average, everyday handbag, but it will come in very handy when you need to carry more than usual. It holds a lot, but is still a very elegant, ladylike size.
  6. Does the dusty have a pink undertone at all IRL? It's hard to tell from the different photos online. Some look beige, some look like a really light brown (like sand), and some look like pale brown with a hint of pink. I was trying to get an idea of what is the most accurate description. I actually like a lot of the photos that seem to have a hint of pink.
  7. I would describe it as a taupey light brown with a hint of pink, cool undertones. I have a Bulga taupe bag and I compared the two. The bulga taupe has more of a warm tone (yellowish) compared to my dusty (cooler pink tone).

    Does that help at all?

    It's my perfect neutral bag. The first day I carried her to work, a co-worker (I don't know well at all) stopped me on my way out and commented on how beautiful my bag was and then put her hands on Dusty. I almost freaked out but somehow managed to keep it together.
  8. Oh no! LOL! That could have gotten ugly! :boxing:

    Thanks for the description; it helps a ton. I've had my eye on a dusty MAM since they came out, but I could never pull the trigger because the color looked so different from photo to photo. But I wanted it if the photos with the slightest hint of pink were accurate, and evidently they are! Now I guess I have to get one. :girlsigh:
  9. If it helps, here is a picture of my Dusty Market Tote next to my stone MAM and Cream D-Ring clutch.
  10. Thanks for the photo! I love your collection; it's looks like spring! Makes me think of sunny days...