Is Dru leaving Y&R

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  1. Has anyone heard this. I heard that the Young and the Restless is not renweing Dru's (Victoria Rowell) contract. I love her on the show.
  2. unfortunately she is. Ive always loved her character. What a shame.

    Although The Young and the Restless had "no comment" on this matter, Victoria Rowell's personal publicist confirms to that she asked to be released from her contract early. Rowell's request has been granted, so she will wrap up her Y&R run in early April.

    Obviously, this is surprising timing since Rowell's character, Drucilla Barber Winters, is the key player in a front-burner murder mystery ("Who killed Carmen Mesta?") right now. Hmm...

    Perhaps Rowell feels it's time to take another shot at the brass ring? She has enjoyed tastes of success in primetime TV and films (Diagnosis Murder, Eve's Bayou). And she did just score herself some good reviews as Samuel L. Jackson's wife in the big-screen feature, Home of the Brave. Movie critic Richard Roeper of Ebert & Roeper said she "holds her own and then some. So, big thumbs up for that."

    Although the actress continues to pursue film roles, Rowell's rep says, "Victoria has a memoir called The Women Who Raised Me coming out on April 9. She wants to focus on promoting her book right now."
  3. I also heard that there toying with the idea that Phylis ,is really dead, and Shelia is alive..... which would mean another exit by another great actress, Michelle Stafford :s
  4. Too be honest I was kinda upset when Nick left Sharon for Phylis!?! I loved them together! :crybaby:
  5. ugh dru is so whacky on y&r..she really aggravates me!!

    i was thinking about phyllis being dead and sheila really being alive...would make quite the plot spin that's for sure.

    i am so envious of colleen...getting to smooch "professor" corbell. haha

    :huh:Oh i must sound like a nut using their character names!
  6. Syntagma ..... If Phylis leaves, Nick and Sharon will get back together. plus dont you just hate her and Jack as a couple ?

    Blushingbaby..... Corbel is soo cute ( there was a time that i thought he killed Carmen ... but i still loved him Hahah ) :shame:

  7. OMG. Give it up already with Sheila. Enough already

  8. Ummm Jenna admitted to killing Carmen. So I see how it can be Dru. Well I guess anything is possible. It is a soap opera afterall
  9. Yeah right ! hasnt she died a few times :s Anyway i do think she adds spice to the show. I wonder if she will go after Eric again ? she will have to get passed Stephanie sister first.
  10. I was thinking the that Sheila was alive and Phyllis died. I hope the door remains open for Dru. Thanks for the info PM!
  11. Dru has left a few times already and comes back so I would not be surprised if she comes back in a few years.

    Heck look at John Abbott. They killed him and he is still on every once in a while. He has more of a story as a ghost than he did alive.
  12. I do HATE her and Jack together. For some reason it makes me vomit a bit! LOL I would love it if she and Nick were back on! I just never really liked phyllis. :push:
  13. Here is a great site to read. She lives in Canada and she does an amazing recap of the show. Canada is a day ahead of the US for some reason. I haven't watched the actual show for a while. I just read the recaps daily.

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  14. Here is another good Y&R spoiler apge. They seem to usually update it on Thursdays and Saturdays.