Is doing my own wedding makeup a good or bad idea?

  1. I just came back from my hair/makeup trial for my wedding...and let me say that I'm sooo disappointed! I look worse than no makeup. :crybaby: She made my asian face look even flatter than it should and my eyes look puffy, and i look pasty white in a picture. No contouring at all. ARGH. It's so frustrating. I don't really want to pay another $150 for a trial that I don't like.

    What do I do? Should I just learn to do my own? I got 6 months to perfect it... Let me know what you think!!!

    Maybe you guys have good recommendations for a Bay Area makeup or hair artist?
  2. I didn't have my makeup ( or hair) done at all. I wanted to look like myself at my wedding.
    Do it yourself. Or, go to a MAC counter or Sephora and have them do your face and buy the stuff and practice.
    Make up people always overdo brides.
    Also, if you are worried about pictures, a good experienced photographer is all you need.
  3. I vote for getting a professional to do it! I didn't think I needed one either but once you get a good artist you realize why you need one. If they specialize in bridal makeup, they'll make sure you look natural yet look good in your pictures. If you don't have enough makeup on, you'll look really washed out. I had five bridesmaids - only one did her makeup herself. And believe me, you can tell in the pictures. All the other girls look flawless and then my one poor girl looked washed out! You also don't want to have one more thing to worry about on your big day - you'll have enough to focus on.

    Go on and look up the SF local boards and ask the other girls for an artist that specializes in Asian brides (there are tons!). Good luck!
  4. I had mine done, didn't do a trial run or I would have not bothered. I got back to my hotel and washed my face and did my own. My eyes didn't even look like my eyes (she drew on these over dramatic thingies with fake lashes-more hooker-esque than wedding class). If you like the way you do yours normally, do your own!
  5. if your skilled and experienced enough with makeup do it yourself. just make sure you do some pictures with your own makeup to pratice and see how some colors look in flashlight.

    if your foundation contains titanium dioxide it will photograph kinda washed out, be aware of that

    if you have black/white pics takes you should also think about/try the colors you use since their darkness is different in b/w

    however, if you have to learn everything about makeup from scratch it's too troublesome, I'd get a makeup artist just for the event.
  6. I had a make-up trial, I loved what she did so I hired her. The day of my wedding her and her team came to my hotel, set up a little station and everything even worked on the MOB, MOH and bridesmaids. It made it easier, one less thing to worry about.
  7. Oh I've had the same experience for my Prom makeup.... HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience. She was like "eyes are my specialty, don't look in the miror, it'll be a surprise" and boy was I NEGATIVELY surprised!!!! My eyes are quite big (or certainly not small) for asians, and she made them look like this :oh: literally... I went home and tried to fix them up myself in 5 mins before the limo came.... so bad so bad....

    Anyway, I think it all really depends on the makeup person. If you're asian, I'd let an Asian makeup artist do the job:yes:
  8. i'd say do it yourself if you CAN. some people just aren't skilled in that area no matter how much they practice. and on the other hand some people are just born with certain skill. for instance me and my best friend. she's been watching me do my make up, our friends' make up, and even her makeup for the past 2 years and she still doesn't get it and asks me to do it for her lols. they have some good tutorial videos on you tube and stuff... so give it a try and if you think you've got it and like what you can do then go for it!!

    ps- was your trial person asian, or have any experience in working with asian faces??
  9. I went the a professional the day of my wedding, and I was so happy with the results. She worked for a company and we had an excellent trial run before. I am glad I did it since I was so nervous the day of that I would have done a terrible job on myself! Since my makeup artist was expensive, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and two of the ladies that work for them came to my house with all their Bobbi products, and did all my bridesmaid's makeup. They loved it.
    Have you tried the MAC counter? Their makeup artists usually do a great job.
    By the way, I highly recommend airbrushed foundation for your wedding day. It is so light, does not budge, and looks great in pictures.
  10. I did my own hair & makeup for our wedding for multiple reasons, and I wouldn't change a thing!! :yes:

    Bottom line is, I knew what colors I wanted and that I personally, thought looked the best on me. However, we had a very small, mid-day wedding (kind of garden style)... so if you are having a larger evening wedding it might make you feel better to have someone else do it - plus its your day to be glammed and have everyone cater to you...

    Another reason I choose to do all of that on my own, is that we were getting married at a location in a different state, about 9 hours away from where we lived at the time... So it would have been impossible for me to arrange trials runs prior to the wedding... so it would have been a *surprise*!!! No thanks!! ;) I had short hair that didn't need an updo, so it just seemed natural to do my makeup as well.

    All in all, I would see if you could get a recommendation and do a trial one more time, just to see if you like it. If you don't like that one either, just do your own makeup, you'll be more relaxed about it.
  11. Why don't you try several make up artists? A wedding is a nerve wracking as it is, and having to do you make up will not make it any easier for you. You also have to consider if you make up photographs well. If you make your make up natural looking, you will look washed out. And you also have to consider that long hours... the wedding and the reception will take a long time and your make up will fade.
  12. I did mine myself and would do it all over again as well.
    A few months before, I went to 2 or 3 counters in NM for 'make overs/lessons' I liked Bobbie Brown's lesson and products the best so I bought all the stuff and did it every weekend from then until my wedding to make sure I had it down.
    I did a great job if I must say so myself!:p
  13. I did my own also. i don't like feeling too made up and I wanted to look like myself. I think I looked great!
  14. Wow, it's good to know that many of you did it yourself and was happy with it! At least I have an option.

    The makeup person who did my trial was Thai, so she should be pretty good with asian makeup...and she got rave reviews with some asian wedding forums. Maybe I was just being picky...but i felt my face was poofy and my nose was flat. I showed my Mom and Aunt, and they laughed at me ALL nite!!! :hysteric: That's my mom! So supportive...haha. (oh...and I don't even wanna mention my hair...but that should be easier...hopefully. haha)

    She did use Mac airbrush, and it turned out pasty white in the pictures...I don't know if she used the wrong color or what, but it just doesn't seem very natural on me. And are they not supposed to have loose powder on for airbrush?

    sw0pp - Thanks for the tip! What kind of foundation contains Titanium Dioxide? Does it say on the bottle in ingrediants?

    Swanky - I think I will try doing that and then practice right now.

    What line's makeup photographs well?
  15. I was working as a makeup artist full time when I got married so I did my own. I also do wedding makeup from time to time and if you do chose to go this route you HAVE to do a trial with the artist! IMO you should do what you feel most comfortable with, if you do end up doing it yourself go to a couple makeup counters and pick use the artist to help you pick out some great colors and products that will work best for photography, some makeup does not photograph well at all......Good luck!