Is dizziness normal?

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  1. Since 2 days ago, I have been feeling very dizzy.

    I wake up to get out of bed, and I fall back down.

    And during the day I would sometimes feel dizzy n bump into things.

    Even if I tilt my head back a bit I get dizzy.

    This is not normal for me. It has never happened before,ever.

    Does anyone may know why this is happening?

    I am healthy and eat well.

  2. Could be an ear infection.
  3. That's what I was going to say.
  4. How old are you tickleme? is it possible you are pregnant? If not-are you drinking enough liquids?
  5. tickle, do you have any other symptoms? fever, ear aches, or spinning without actually falling?
  6. whoa whoa whoa.

    not pregnant.

    well actually...uhhhh

    my period came like 4 days ago, came out only a LITTLE. then thats it.

    maybe its not enough liquids. ;/

    i am 20 years old.

    maybe its lack of excercise?

    what do you think?

    and yes, my head spins without me tipping over sometimes, the other times i do fall---but catch myself before i really do actually fall down.

    please help, i really appreciate everyones response..
  7. i dont think its an ear ache...b/c my ears are fine.

    and no fevers.
  8. One of the most common types of vertigo is benign positional vertigo. The symptoms are simple, you get dizzy when you change positions. It is caused by the small calcium bits in one area of your ear move into the "wrong" area, which causes the dizzyness. Maybe pay a visit to the internal medicine doc.
  9. Your symptoms describe exactly what I had a couple yrs. ago--what Irishgal said--it's probably vertigo. You'll need to see a doctor if it doesn't go away by itself in a few days. There is medication that will help.

    good luck. It's an awful feeling.
  10. Does it happen if you get up quickly. If I jump out of bed or out of a chair quickly, I get dizzy. Take your time getting up & drink liquids.
  11. I agreed, could be vertigo. Time to see a doctor. :yes: :flowers:
  12. Could definitely be Vertigo if you believe that you are not pregnant. My friend had Vertigo last year and it lasted a few months.

    I'd recommend seeing a doctor before this gets worse. THe last thing you want to do is have one of these dizzying spells while you're doing something like walking down stairs or driving
  13. I don't know what vertigo is, but:

    Have you gone swimming or washed your hair right before you started feeling dizzy? Did you use a Q-tip or cloth to clean your ears out or try to get water out of your ears? You could have gotten water way back in your ears to cause the dizziness. The doctor can help I think, BUT Please Go See the Doctor.

    Sometimes when you have an ear infection, you don't know you really have one...a doctor can tell

    I am feeling dizzy right now...just came back from a cruise, so I'm still feeling like I just got off the threadmill feeling.

    Good Luck, Hope you feel better SOON!!:heart:
  14. No, dizziness is not normal. I'm not a medical expert but I would recommend having an exam to pinpoint how best to treat. I've had friends with dizziness and it ended up being as simple as dehydration.
  15. Same here, happened to me just a month ago, and it went away on its own thank God! Luckily it happened at home and not when I was driving the kids to school *phew*

    Take Care, ticklemethu, see a doc if the dizziness continue~hugzzz:heart: