Is sell authentic LV?

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  1. Has anyone purchased purses from this web site. I couldn't find anything on their site indicating if they sold authentic purses or if they were really expensive replicas.
  2. the ONLY website that is authorized to sell authentic LV is eLuxury. all the other websites sell fakes. this one can't even spell 'footwear' right.
  3. ^ :roflmfao: They spelled "demier" wrong too... :p AND they use stock photos but claim it's a picture of the actual SO fake.

    Totally agreed on the eLuxury part though.

    Also try they sell second hand designer bags but it's all authentic!

    or! She's an authentic LV seller on eBay.
  4. and also also authentic.
  5. I would totally pass on this site.

  6. ^^^^^^

    She's 100% correct.
    I avoid ALL other websites offering "authentic LV"...
  7. I figured it was too good to be true but had to ask - thanks to all for the info.
  8. EWWW...everything on this site is soooo fake! Stay away! The Marc Jacobs and Fendi bags are :yucky:
  9. It's good you guys can spot the fake websites and warn others about them but to say ALL OTHER WEBSITES that are not eluxury sell fakes is totally incorrect. So far I have bought a mini monogram Josephine at annsfabolousfinds and 2 bags at let-trade and they are both awesome authentic resellers. Most girls here would agree with me.
  10. This website is selling FAKE!!! :tdown:
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