Is Dior cheaper outside the U.S.?

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  1. My brother is going to Beijing next week and I was wondering if I should have him bring me back a bag or if I am better off just buying it here in the U.S.
    I, of course, would send him to one of the Dior boutiques there.

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. It's cheaper here. However, if he goes to a duty free store there, he should be able to buy it tax free...and sometimes they have sales.
  3. Thank you so much! I will have him look in the duty-free store while he is there.
  4. i think its cheaper in US. I live in Aus, and the prices are more expensive than the US price ( like additional $200au+) I also heard that china, like the rest of asian countries sell designer items for much higher price than us and france etc..
    hope this helps:smile:
  5. Yes it does SuSu Kim, thank you!
  6. Dior bags in Europe is a lot cheaper for tourists because you don't have to pay the 11-13% tax. Purchasing designer bags in Hong Kong can save you a few hundred as well because it's duty free. However, each region may have different styles. I got my Dior sling in Italy and couldn't find the same bag in the U.S.
  7. I'll have him check while he is there. Hopefully there will be a good deal on something I want LOL
    Thanks for all of the responses.
  8. Yeah, luxury goods are cheaper in Hong Kong. I bought the logo saddle bag for US 700 there. On elux, i think it is 800+
  9. Thank you diorlover. If I can tear him away from his girlfriend long enough to go shopping I might get a bag. She isn't into purses, so hopefully they don't mind a quick pitstop into the store.
  10. MorningGlory .. always try european boutiques, paris particularly, prices are cheaper + tax off + quite cheap shipping ...

    i never buy Dior goodies from here,always order from Paris + sometimes i get free mini goodies EVEN THOUGH my order is one bag or a pair of shoes :smile:
  11. I was over in the US in July and I couldn't BELIEVE the prices of Dior jewellery! They had sale pieces for like $300 that I bought for the equivelant of $100 when they were just out over here!
  12. I always thought the Customs tax would make it about even, so I never really thought about doing that. Thank you Chloe!
  13. Wow! That is a big difference. I was just looking at the French online boutique and I was surprised that the prices of their jewelry would be so different. I'll have to consider what I want to get before I call.
    Thanks for that heads-up on the jewelry _x13

  14. Ops .. didnt know about it ... good luck with ur next purchase:yahoo:
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