Is diet soda all that bad?

  1. It does cause bloating, but is there any other reason to avoid it?
  2. i recently switched and started drinking diet coke or should i say coke zero... for some reason its quite yummy!!!

    i heard that the articifical sugar gives ppl brain tumours... i dont think it does... drink soft drinks/pop/fizzy in moderation :smile:

  3. hmm, well anything if u drink too much can be detrimental to ur health, especially with diabetes.. i personally have not heard about the brain tumor that u mentioned but u can always try very few soda once in a while..
  4. Hi Intlset.. I wrote this in the water intake thread...and just copying it here and I DO hope that I don't scare anyone.. I'm not speaking for any organization of anything like that.

    The thing about DIET drinks is that untill recently, they were bombarded with saccharin, which are carsinogens, therefore, were bad for you in the long run.

    Now adays, if you read the label there is Aspartame.
    Aspartame, which are sugar substitutes, and have ZERO calories like saccharin, are not well known as a carcinogen (we don't know that yet though), so they claim it's not harmful.

    However, aspartame breaks down into other toxic by-products like formaldehyde, formic acid and aspartylphenylalanine diketopiperazine, in liquids like COKE.. Some of these chemicals can be normally found in normal foods but are always attached to proteins and as the proteins get digested in your body, gets released SLOWLY... so as toxins they are released out of your system through peeing/sweating... This is where drinking water ceoms in handy... helps to flush out these toxins built in our bodies

    HOWEVER, if you drink or take these chemicals in their free and concentrated form as we do when we drink coke, it OVERWHELMS the body making it extra hard for the body to get rid of it.

    Another thing is that aspartic acid is a type of neurotransmitter facilitating info from one cell to another... so overwhelming concentration will produce free radicals in the brain, overexcite the brain cells and kill them.

    I hope I didn't go too much into detail, it's just what I've learned so far from classes and I'm sure you guys can find tons of information on your own about it on the web too. I can go on and on about the hazards of aspartame, just like about MSG.

    As a general rule, we know that anything synthetic, artificial are bad for our bodies, right? It took the manufacturors a LONG LONG time to lobby through FDA to use aspartame, they were rejected many times, but it really makes one want to be aware of things before trusting everything that we can easily obtain.....

    I hope I could be of some help.
  5. Wow, Joanna, that pretty much scares me out of 5 Diet Coke a day habit... thank you.
  6. hmmm, gosh, need to cut down on all that soda i drink (only 2x a week though)..
  7. ekekek, thats new to me.... hmmm, might have to make it once a week or something!!!
  8. I am a soda addict!! It's worse than a drug, I swear. Last October, I switched to diet to supress my 2-3 cans a day habit. I drink either 1-2 cans of Diet sprite or pepsi one a day. Everyone says "Oh, just replace it with water" but what they DON'T understand is that I CANNOT DO IT! It's simply IMPOSSILE!

    So unless they find 592765928374982347 people directly DYING bc of diet soda, I will continue to drink it bc I just can't give up soda!
  9. I almost find it funny that this topic came up. One of the local news stations here just had something on the news broadcast last night and they looked into the rumor that diet soda causes cancer. They found it to be untrue. I was elated. I love Diet Coke. Lol

    Regular Coke takes rust off chrome bumpers like a pro and is excellent for loosening rusty bolts... fyi. Hehe
  10. ^^ Yup you are Right.

    They are probably talking about Aspartame, which is not a known carcinogen.

    Saccharin is the carcinogen!!
    We don't see too many saccharin anywhere anymore.
  11. For the last week, I have not had any diet soda. It was so hard to give up-I used to have 1 per day. I also got headaches for a few days. I have yet to give up my morning coffee, but going without diet soda is a big step in the right direction for me! Maybe I am just imagining it, or it could be the result of other changes I have made, but my clothes are already looser. I am going to attribute it to the lack of pop, and let that be my motivation!

  12. YAY!!! three cheers for you Tln. I know it's hard. but think about your cells shrinking from the lack of coke! Think about your fingers not swelling every morning!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I know it's really hard to give it up. One of my close professors had bottles of diet coke lying around in her office and her teeth were all rotting/hurting too.. She was sooo nausiated for 2 weeks when she tried to quit. Her body was screaming for diet coke because she couldn't get it out of her system.
  13. People always say it is.

    But I'm a diehard soda person. Every time I try to give up diet and start drinking regular or non caff like Sprite I bloat up put on like 5 pounds in a week from the calories.

    So I think it may not be the best option. But the calories are like nothing compared to the other soda options.
  14. Heehee, yep I am the same. I drink 3-4 litres of water a day but I must have at least 1 can of diet drink a day. It gives me a pick-me-up.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, Joanna! I was wondering if you knew how long it takes to get out of your system. I'm sure that everyone is different, and that it depends on how much water, etc. you drink, but is 2 weeks basically the rule? I still have a dull headache, but its not too bad if I take some ibuprofin.