Is designer purses in high school now the norm?

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  1. So I have a question for all you high schoolers, or mothers of high schoolers out here. Do most girls in high school now carry nice purses to school? Are you judged for bringing a nice purse to school? Are you judged for NOT having a nice purse, or carrying some cheapie purse?

    My DH and I live in a neighborhood where most the families have kids in high school (we are the babies in the neighborhood with no kids yet, are are planning on it soon) But literally every girl in the neighborhood has a coach purse. We had a neighborhood BBQ this weekend and I asked them if they brought their purses to school and they said the EVERYONE has designer purses, and one of the girls was expecting her first LV for her 16th birthday becuase 'like all the senior girls have LV or Gucci'

    Also, on this forum, I have noticed that a lot of even Chanel owners are in high school.

    It was so different when I was in high school, and so I am just curious to see how much time have changed... I didn't think I was that old and out of the loop!:rolleyes:
  2. Designer no, fakes yes. :P And yep, they are all Coach.
  3. Really? They mostly carry fakes? I wonder if all those girls today had fakes. I don't know the Coach brand that well, so unless the C is either a G or and O, I can't tell a fake. But they were all sure passing them off as real ones!
  4. I had designer bags in high school, got my first Gucci in high school, many many decades ago but daughters are in high school and they carry Juicy, Coach, LV...I see a lot of coach and Juicy at the high school and a lot of knock off Chanel and Coach too.
  5. Back when I was in high school (16 years ago) I carried a Coach purse. I purchased it with $ I received at holidays/birthdays. I recall a Gucci or 2. I don't know what the norm is now (my DD is only 4!) but I can only imagine.... better hide my purse right now! :sweatdrop:
  6. I see HS age girls with expensive bags all the time. LV, Marc Jacobs and tons more. I always wonder who is buying these bags for them. When I was younger (in the 80's) we had Le Sportsac! LOL
  7. i got my first louis vuitton speedy back in 10th grade and then in my senior year i got my first over $1000 bag!! i worked for both bags though during summer break.
  8. DD is a senior, and it's probably half and half. Some of the girls are very wealthy, I've seen LVs there. Lots of the girls carry regular bags, they're not really into it. DD favors Coach, but we're deal hunters so the damage isn't that bad.
  9. It depends on where you live. It's more prevalent in certain areas than others. I see hs girls dressed in Juicy tracksuits and Tory Burch all the time.
  10. No offense (as I'm a high school senior), but a lot of girls who carry their designer handbags to school either seem to never carry any books/school materials or struggle w/3 textbooks in their free arm (how cute... really). Be practical, seriously! I would love to carry my bags to school, but think of what you'll be carrying... think of the environment as well (dirty floors?). If a girl's willing to struggle w/a bunch of books in her free hand, it's obvious she cares about the "status" or "appearance" of carrying a luxury item.

    To clarify, I don't mean large designer bags (I sometimes carry my large Burberry tote), I mean the really small handbags! :tdown:
  11. ^^I can respect it if a young woman is paying for the bags themselves - like adults, they worked hard for them and the purchase probably has meaning (not to mention that you take better care of things that you work hard for).

    What I don't understand is younger women (let's say High School age) that throw around very expensive designer bags that their parents probably just purchase for them. I live in a wealthy area so this is very common where I am. Sometimes I think this is fueled by all the photos of the lindsays/simpson girls/other young stars with expensive purses' on their arms. We didn't have this sensation when I was young.:shrugs:
  12. I see A LOT of Coach and the rest look like knockoffs to me =P
  13. LV's, Gucci's and Prada's are the most common in the high school where I live. My 2 boys are done with high school and they said most of the girls have them and I have seen it for myself when I would drop and pick them up. My daughter who's in junior high have friends that have them too. Thank goodness she only likes Juicy right now.

    But yes, it sure is a lot different when I was in high school ... I just had a Jansport backpack and I was happy! And I turned out okay ... LOL!
  14. I just carried a backpack to school, no way I'm carrying a backpack and a purse. Other girls did carry coaches though, that way about the only brand I ever saw.
  15. The high school girls that frequent my local Starbucks carry Juicy bags. They look real to me.