Is Dentell completely released???

  1. Or is it just the preferred customer's right now, and the real release is the 15th? I'm a little confooosed, thanks for the help!

  2. I far as I know Kirsten and Fursten where released on 25th/26th Feb but for some reason stores didn't seem to have them and people where told evrything was coming out on the 15th march. But some of us here have already managed to get dentelle pieces and theres are some on eBay so really I have no idea what's going on
  3. i see,,, I'm sure a lotta people are confused, not just me... thanks label addict!
  4. maybe the best option is to give your store a ring just to make sure you don't miss out on anything just incase they are pre-selling
  5. yep. I'm on the list for pochette wallet, so I should ring a dingaling...
  6. Waiting on the Speedy 30 here..I want it now now now :sad: lol lost my patience
  7. How much are the speedys retailing for????
  8. I know that all of the Dentelle line hasn't been released yet b/c I'm on the list for the BH. That should be released on the 15th.
  9. Not all released yet. My SA advised me against it. I was iffy to begin with!
  10. Oh, Okay. That makes sense, some released, some not... thank god for the forum.... otherwise I might be losing my already lost mind...:p Thanks!:nuts:
  11. I saw the wallets for sale last Friday in the boutique on LI, NY- don't know if they all have them out yet or not.
  12. I saw the Speedy in gold the other day, it was gorgeous. My SA asked me if I wanted to see the BH but I declined. I must stay focused on the Speedy. LOL. Hopefully, my DH will like it, if not he won't get it for me. He loves my new Epi pieces and asked if I wanted more Epi instead of the Dentelle. *Sniff* The 15th is just around the corner, I hope he likes it, I want it so badly! : (
  13. You Lucky Lucky girl michelle... but, ya can't have them all... there will be no room!
  14. I think it's not limited it shoupd pop up on elux soon
  15. why did they advise against it?