Is denim worth the price tag?

  1. :confused1: debating between the neocabby black mm or the mini lin speedy...such a tough denim worth the high price tag? which bag is better? what do all you LV lovers think...which bag would you go for and why? thanks
  2. I love the Mini Lin Speedy. I have both colors. I just got the Dune color one yesterday.
  3. Just think you can get 2 Mini Lin bags for the price of the Denim
  4. I'd go with the Cabby. I used to not think it was worth it but after starting my venture into the denim line with my flats and cles, it's definitely worth it.
  5. I love LV denim pieces. I have a neo speedy. While it is one of my most expensive LV pieces, it is also one of my very favorites. I think the denim pieces are great and destined to be classic.
  6. is it worth it? well the answer depends on how much you like the bag
    while my friends think miroir is way over priced (made of vinyl and all), I think it's worth every penny...
    so it's for you to decide whether it's worth the price or not ;)
  7. I honestly have to say that the denim bags are overpriced for their fabric texture! But...I looove my denim baggy and can relate the high price to all the hardware... IMO they should be about 1/4 less off the price, but then again the inside lining is also gorgeous and really smooth, and there is so much detail to the baggy too...

  8. I agree. I love my baggy pm so much but it really shouldn't cost as much as it did. I have no regrets because it's one of my favorite bags though.
  9. where do they put the date codes in the denim line??
  10. get the cabby!
  11. Depends on which bag you mean but they're generally stamped on the right seam of the inner pocket.
  12. Get the Cabby, first denim bag I can say I am truly in love with!
  13. wondering about the cabb...thank you
  14. I think the denim bags are worth it. My Baggy PM is two years old. For the first year I thought it was WAY overpriced, but now that I see how well it holds up and how much I enjoy using it, I really do think it's worth it. For certain days it's just the only bag that will do. It still looks great. So.... no regrets.
  15. If you really love it and think you will wear it often enough then I say you get it. I don't think you should worry about the price if you TRUELY love it.