is datecode not what i thought it was ?

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  1. hi!
    i just told my SA about one person shopping at the boutique in my country buying bags, returning them a couple of days later and then using the original receipt for selling fake.. and the SA told me the datecode had NOTHING to do with when and where it was produced..
    (the bag is fake no matter the datecode though.. horrible is just the word to describe that bag..)

    Ive always heard and thought that was the meaning of the datecode.. any inputs ?
    sorry if this is posted the wrong place:angel:
  2. That SA is wrong- the date code tells you where (which country/factory) and when the item was made (week and year).
  3. Datecodes denote time and place of manufacture but do not determine authenticity. They are not unique. Some staff at LV seem to think datecodes are "top secret" information.
  4. That's because staff is not supposed to point out the date code to the customer as a sign of authenticity. You'll never hear an SA tell a client "... and the date code is here."
  5. I don't expect them to point it out. Equally nor do I expect them to lie about it!
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  6. Haha that's right! 😜
  7. +1
  8. Can someone please tell me if this authentic from what you can see? I know it's limited but this will be my first LV purchase. I have checked some forums and from what I've read so far looks authentic but I will be looking at the bag in person tonight. Thx!

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  9. Impossible to authenticate from just 4 photos. You would have to pay a professional service for an opinion on this but they will also need a lot more images. It would be unethical to give an opinion based on the few images you have provided.