is Darjeeling Jaipur not going to Off Fifth?

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  1. Does anyone know if the Darjeeling Jaipur tote is not going to hit Off Fifth? I haven't heard any reports of anyone finding the leather bag. I want it so bad. :sad:
  2. I saw the Jaipurs at an Off 5th back in March. Both the Leather (in Claret & Cadet) and Henna (in Neutral). They hit the outlets fairly quickly along with the Shimia, Bihar, Kohima, Bangalor, and the Clutch. Pretty much all of the Darjeeling Collection were there.
  3. Now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing the Darjeerling line at Off 5th - only at NMLC. Maybe unluckystars can help confirm this.
  4. WAIT, YOU SAW the Darjeeling Jaipur North South TOTE @ Off Fifth? Which location? I remember seeing other pieces of the line but not that specific bag.

    Also, does Last Call ever have coupons?
  5. I saw the tote at the Off 5th in Auburn Hills, MI about a month or so ago.
  6. ^ gone :sad:
  7. they got them at off fifth back in like march when they recieved the masala. they had a whole bunch that are long gone now. i don't remember if they had the jaipur though. i'm not fond of the line.
  8. oh, I haven't heard of any locations with the actual Jaipur leather tote.

    Can you all tell me where you saw it?
  9. darjeeling tote, shoulder bag, mini bag all at Neiman Marcus outlet at woodbury commons
  10. I got this bag in Cadet today to use for the 4th! I never really wanted it, but glad I got it!
  11. :heart: the Darjeeling line... looks like Ebay for me. I bought the henna maxi dress a few weeks back and would love to be very silly and do the matchy-matchy outfit.