Is Dantelle growing on you ??

  1. When I first saw Dentelle...I thought it was disgusting Granny looking tack but Its grown on me so much and the Fersen is beautiful. Obviously I wouldnt buy it because Im a guy but I just wanted to express how much its grown on me. The accessories Im not too keen on but the bags are beautiful.
    Has anyone else had this thought ?? :nuts:
  2. No, not yet. I saw the Dentelle line a couple of days ago and luckily, it didn't call out my name. Looked too granny-looking in my eyes, too. (So sorry Dentelle lovers!) The BH was the only one that looked pretty good to me, but not enough to purchase.
  3. It hasn't grown on me yet.
  4. Nope, still don't care for it. My SA has been trying to get me to get something but it just doesn't do anything for me. :sad:
  5. No... I thought I'd like it... but I'm quite disappointed by this line, it's absolutely not my taste.
  6. I honestly HATED it when it came out!! Then I saw the Fersten and something about it I just fell in love with.
  7. Dentelle=:yucky:
  8. I'm not feeling it either...BTW..someone please "phonetically" show me how to pronounce it. :confused1:
  9. No, but when MC was first released, I thought it was really ugly. Now I LOVE it!
  10. Not for me !!!
  11. i am lusting for a bh and speedy in gold first i only wanted the cles, but that didnt come to fruition. the caramel leather, the beautiful embroidery..i loooove it
  12. Yes! I just bought the silver speedy and absolutely :heart: it! If you told me a month ago that I would be the proud owner of a dentelle speedy, I would have laughed at you. You never know with LV, I guess! :yes:
  13. I disliked the line at first. But I love the detail and craftsmanship of this line. It's not for everyone which I'm thankful for. I found the mirior line to be tacky at first and kicked myself for not getting one.
  14. It has, sort of.. I really like the Fersen and the Gold Speedy is cute! But I don't like the Batignolles of Kirsten.
  15. I would be more into it if it were made in a speedy 25.