Is Damier.....

  1. only for winter? hmmm.. it's already spring time but i'm still inlove wid my damier and i still want to use it.. just wanted to know everyone's opinion .. tia:p
  2. Yes....j/'s pretty neutral so I think it'll be fine all year round.
  3. damier is a weather free can use it all year round ;)
  4. It can be used year-round.
  5. I would use it as a year-round bag!!!
  6. I think it'd be perfectly fine to use it all year around.
  7. Yes, there are. They're under the Spring/Summer season or Fall/Winter season. I'd ask you sales associate at Louis Vuitton to help you out on this.
  8. I think it's just personal taste. I definitely wear it all year-around ;).
  9. yeah, to me i wear it all season long just like the monogram.
  10. I use mine whenever I feel like it..if it happens to be Spring or Summer, that's just fine with me. :smile:
  11. :yes: Here's summer all around the year :p and ppl carry their Damier everyday
  12. i got my Damier Papillon 30 last summer and used it for a whole month straight. i don't believe in bags being seasonal; "if the bag fits, wear it"
  13. It's all year round. Wear it proudly!
  14. I agree:yes: