Is Damier too masculine?

  1. I'm thinking of getting the Saleya or Speedy but worry it may be too masculine (since I see more men than women carry it in NYC). I'm hoping the Damier will attract less attention than the monogram. Does it scream LV? Just wondering, thanks.............
  2. absolutely not! the damier is perfect for a man or a woman. there are some messenger bags that are distinctly masculine though. i just got my first damier :heart: piece 2 days ago - the 30 speedy:yes::heart:
  3. I dont think so at all. I have the damier papillon and speedy. I'm a college college and am usually in jeans and a t-shirt or polo. The reason I'm partial to Damier is because it does not scream "LV"
  4. ^^^ Ditto!
  5. I love my Saleya!!! You could always tie a scarf on it to make it more feminine. :amuse:
  6. Virtually every material LV makes is unisex- with the exclusion of Vernis in certain colors, MC, and the denim.
  7. i agree :yes:
  8. Not at all. I think damier is very classy :cool: The speedy and saleya are on my list!
  9. I don't think so at all! GO FOR IT!:yes:
  10. I love the damier.
  11. Definitely not!
    I got the damier speedy 30 last week and am luving it!!!
    I also got a pocket agenda and its also perfect, even if i just want it to just run an errand.

    I'm looking at the keepall 50, and the chelsea?????? Please try it-its classy and very durable with the brown leather trim.
  12. I agree with the "unisex" comment--and, really, the Damier is more of an in-the-know pattern, as in, if you know handbags, you know it's Vuitton--otherwise the average person on the street won't recognize it. It's a more subtle form of bag elitism! ;D ;D
  13. I agree with daisy! Speedy is a feminine choice, IMO.
  14. I was not a fan of the Damier line until this weekend actually. I was going to pick up monogram Keepall. I've wanted it for a while. But I ended up loving the look of Damier Keepall, so I ended up with Damier Keepall instead. Now I am obssesively making a list of things I want from Damier line :P
  15. I don't think so...I got my Damier Speedy last week, and I love it. I agree, it is very classy and easy to care for.