Is Damier stiff?

  1. After reading and anguishing, I'm leaning toward a Damier Illovo for my fall bag (2nd LV). I haven't been able to get to my LV store; could someone describe the feel of the material. Is it soft or stiff?
  2. IMO it feels just like Mono Canvas.
  3. depends on whether the bag is structured or not. Same as the Mono like elong said. the speedy is soft, but the duomo has a bit more rigidity. Either way its beautiful. I love my speedy!!
  4. both canvas, i think it feels the same. but they do LOOK stiffer.. but that's just the style of the bags.
  5. How about the Illovo? It looks like a good casual throw and go bag. I know someone here recently purchased one and showed pics hanging on a chair and with her dog, but I don't think the FEEL was mentioned.

    Thanks again.
  6. Hi! What size were you thinking of getting? I just recently got the Illovo PM as a gift from my husband and I love it! I'm more of a shoulder bag girl and it fits very comfortably. I would say the shape of the Illovo is casual but if needed you could definitely wear it with a dressier outfit. I just compared my mono speedy with the Illovo and i think the Illovo feels a little bit stiffer, but it could be because of the lining. I hope my answer helped you!:flowers:
  7. Frituchis, I was leaning toward the MM although I am a small bag girl. I need to go to the store rather than do the eLuxury on this one, perhaps. Thanks for posting. Your answer did help me. :smile:
  8. My mom had a llovo MM before and I remember it felt slightly stiffer than the damier speedy 25, but it's still soft though. :tender:
  9. I agree...Damier looks stiffer perhaps due to the squares? But I too find it as same feeling as the mono canvas.

    My Saleya PM has a nice lil' slight 'slouch' to her up top when she is standing empty and upright and not tucked away in her dustbag :yes: .
  10. No, I don't think so, probably just depends on the style of the bag
  11. The Damier canvas is coated canvas like the Monogram. I think it just depends on the style of the bag. Some styles are stiffer than others.