Is damier speedy 30 really nice for everyday use????

  1. I just got a speedy 35 2 weeks ago but kinda regreting that the vachetta part is really a dust and dirt magnet.... I was thinking that I wish I should have gotten the damier instead but the thing is speedy 35 in mono is soooooooooooooooooo clasic and is definitely a head turner I thought that speedy damier 30 is dirt and stain proof that's why I really wanted one but I think it's not that hip for a very young mom like me... this is like my 20th louis already but I still keep coming back for the classics What do you think???:confused1:
  2. Damier is easier maintenance due to the dark handles so YES :yes: I think you should get it. It's a great bag IMO
  3. damier is very classic! no vachetta to worry about, it's a perfect everyday bag IMO.
  4. Okay, I'm 48 years old with a 20-year old and 2 teenagers and I teach 2nd grade, so I may not be your "model"... but I carry a Damier Speedy 30 almost everyday and I think it is one HOT bag! What words would I use to describe it? Classic, stylish, modern, handsome, pretty... terrific! I have mine dressed up with the LV Pastel Pastilles bracelet -- people go NUTS over how terrific they look together. Here's a (bad) pic, but maybe you can get the idea.
  5. i own both a mono and damier speedy and since i got the damier speedy i've been using it a lot more just because it's so much easier to carry -- i don't have to be as careful (but i'm still careful though LOL) about the vachetta like i have to be when carrying my mono pieces. :smile: but then again, i agree with you that though other LV prints may be more forgiving when it comes to attracting dirt, the mono will always be a classic! :smile:
  6. I think Damier 30 is perfect as an everyday bag!!:tup:
  7. I love the Damier 30 as an everyday bag, and since the speedy style is classic I think the difference in pattern gives it that bit of a stylish edge. Besides I don't have to worry about the rain at all.
  8. I love the damier speedy! You can have the convenience of the style without worrying to much about ruining it :tup:
  9. Yes, I think it is a good everyday bag, but the thing I like about mono is that it looks great year round, whereas, I think that damier ebene looks best in fall/winter. But you can fix that by getting a damier azur for spring/summer:jammin:
  10. I'm a 32 yo mom of two babies and have found that the mono -though a classic- is not really practical for me (especially when it comes to hand held bags like a Speedy) :nogood:

    I recently got the Speedy MINI LIN and I'm loving it:
    no worry about vachette, water resistant, classy, young, you still get the logo in a subtle way etc...
    I love it, did I already say that?:nuts:
  11. My bf got me a Damier 30 for christmas! I can't wait to start using my new baby! I chose that because w/ my mono 25 I just have to be a lot more careful and plus I carry around a ton w/ me
  12. Damier is very easy to maintain because there is no vachetta. But.... my favorite is the Ebene Mini Lin.
  13. I have the damier 30 and use it practically everyday...its a very classic bag-my first lv actually. I love carrying it, I'm not into the vachetta myself, for the fear of getting it dirty and such, so the damier was a pefect choice for me. And I make it pop a little by adding the beige inclusion speedy keychain...Really cute:yes:
  14. I'm a 35 yo mom of 2 small kids and I use my mono speedy a lot. I just clean the vachetta with the magic eraser when it gets dirty and then I condition it. If damier is not your style, then don't get it. You'll regret it.
  15. I think its a perfect everyday bag.