Is Damier Saleya MM a casual bag?

  1. I'm thinking of getting the damier saleya mm. I'm very casual...jeans. Do you think it can be worn casual or is it more of a dressy bag? thanks
  2. im so in love with this bag!!! i think it can definitely be casual, because it'll come off casual if your outfit is casual....that's really the beauty of damier, to can be casual but also dressed up. get it!!!:nuts:
  3. it can go either way. it's such a flexible bag. i try it on everytime i'm at LV but have never bought it. one day....
  4. You could wear a potato sack and this bag would still rock!!
  5. I don't think it's too "casual" at all. In fact, I think it would make a casual outfit look even more sophisticated.
  6. I always think this bag seems very's probably due to the fact that it seems very soft and unstructured. To me structured is dressy and unstructured is casual...
  7. very casual for me:yes:
  8. Casual.
  9. you think it's unstructured? interesting...i always thought of it as very structured, because my definition of unstructured is like, soft and shapeless...
  10. Me too. I was debating btwn this the CP and a few other bags... and I sort of liked this one better than the CP because the saleya seems to ahve more structure. Gosh, what am i thinking.... "was debating" I;m STILL debating!!:nuts:
  11. You can dress this up or wear something casual and it'll still look good!!
  12. I think it can be either casual or dressy. It is very versatile and easy to wear IMO.
  13. Definitely casual, mainly because of the size and the fact that Damier goes with anything.
    I was trying on this bag for school--so it's definitely not too dressy!!
  14. ITA, the damier is so versatile you will really enjoy it with jeans! I carry my saleya PM with suits or jeans and a t-shirt and it makes the outfit every time!
  15. I think it could go both ways. I've seen it worn on someone casual and dressy. It looked good either.