Is Damier pochette new?

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  1. I could have sworn LV never made a damier pochette and the closest thing to it was the damier navona. Then I saw it on eluxury today and was :nuts::nuts::nuts:! So am I hallucinating (as in LV recently released one for the damier line) OR it has been there all along and I just never notice it? :confused1:

    Anyway, I snatched one up and it's on my way right now! My first LV pochette (not my first LV though :P)... :yahoo:
  2. lol, you're not hallucinating...I believe that was relatively recent...I think when the damier azur pochette came out, they came out with a regular damier one too.
  3. they will discontinue navona ..congrats on your pochette..
  4. Ok, whew... And here I thought I need to stop drinking... :roflmfao:
  5. Aww thanks! :P
  6. yeah it's new, i was looking for one when i got my mono, but it wasn't out yet :sad: Oh well, now i'll have to get the Damier too!
  7. Yup, Navona will now be discontinued, as Nita said. I actually like the new pochette better :yes:
  8. totally agree with rebecca...
  9. I have the Novona, what's the difference between the pochette and the novona? same size????
  10. The Navona has a brown leather bottom and is slightly shorter. It has has a whopping price tag. I bought and returned mine in the same day. It was nearly 400 after tax. The current model is more flexible, but that strap is stiff on either model.
  11. congrats on getting one~~~ i'm going to try to attach the strap from my pochette ipanema ...and make it a small messenger..
  12. Mine did come (saga was posted). I like it much better than the Navona, but the strap is not as yielding as a soft vachetta one found on the Mono. You'll like it, though.
  13. me, too!
  14. moi aussi! :yahoo:

  15. i agree, the new pochette looks better than the navona...

    congrats on your pochette