Is Damier feminine or masculine to you?

  1. I am trying to get rid of all of the LV bags I have with logos on them but am still really loving the Louis. I love the Speedy shape and everything about it, and am finding myself slowly coming around to Damier. I always thought I hated the pattern but it's growing on me (probably because I realize I'm running out of options!). I love the Azur but it's just not practical in CDN winters whereas the regular Damier would be. The hubster has a Damier computer case and I guess I always sort of thought of Damier as masculine. Can someone talk me into buying a Damier Speedy, please?:lol: What do you like about the bag and the pattern itself?
  2. I think Damier is more masculine than anything, but the speedy is so cute! Plus the shape gives the print a more feminine edge. Let us know if you end up getting it!
  3. I think its a perfect mix of both, its like a guy and a girl just ran into each other and out came Damier.
  4. I think it´s unisex but if I had to choose it´s more masculine.
  5. I dont' own one, but i think you'd be able to dress it up with a scarf or something girly and make it feminine!! it sounds like a great bag because you can use it in all weather!! i'm canadian too and i can't wait to go to LV so i can see if this is the bag for me!! i want a no logo sort of bag too!! i hope you get it cause it sounds amazing!!!
  6. Damier is uber masculine imo........ i don't own any damier bags and I don't htink i'll ever buy one either lol......however, I will probably end up with some azurs (even though I just checked them out yesterday and wasn't all that entranced by
  7. It is masculine to me. I tried to like it but I don't, for me. I like it for my Husband so I got him a wallet.
  8. I think it is masculine and professional.
  9. I don't think it's too masculine for a woman or anything... it's all in how you carry it. I think it looks very professional, maybe a little serious. I have a damier speedy 25(and some other pieces) and the thought of it being more masculine has never really crossed my mind.
  10. I think it depends on the shape of the item. For example, the Papillon looks super classy and femine to me. In fact, the first time I saw someone carry this bag, my jaw dropped open because it was sooo beautiful! I'm not normally fond of the damier pattern either.
  11. i don't think it's masculine... i think it's wintery. i would not carry this pattern in the summertime- too dark. however, i think it's a perfect fall/winter pattern. also, it's great for fall/winter b/c there's no vachetta.
  12. I used to think that Damier looked masculine, but after seeing a woman in Costco with the Damier Ribera Mini, I want Damier.:rolleyes: :lol: I could not stop looking at that bag...I loved the shape.:love: The Damier Speedy looks really nice, too.
  13. The Damier is gorgeous on a man but EQUALLY gorgeous on a woman. I used to think it was more masculine but my mind is changing!

    I do also agree with baby though it's a Fall/Winter bag (except the Azur with is obviously Spring/Summer).
  14. I think it's fairly unisex. The thing that I find with the print is that it's so consevative.. I find it kinda boring really. :shame:
  15. To me it's unisex, it looks great on both men and women. The Damier pattern itself is very classy and sophisticated. :yes:
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