is damier Azure silk screen print too?

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  1. just wonder ?
  2. Hmmm I'm not sure...good question though!!
  3. I don't THINK it is..I think they use the same process as the regular Damier print, which is the same as that of the monogram canvas. Hopefully someone else can help. :smile:
  4. It IS silk screened, and that is straight from the LV SA's mouth from when I returned my Azur pochette for color transfer.
  5. :wtf:
  6. Lol..anyone else know? It might help to have a few opinions of people who might know because the SAs aren't always up on their products. I remember once not one but two SAs I spoke to didn't even know what the Vienna line was made of.
  7. ^ITA with Lvbabydoll... I don't remember what is made of, but I don't think it's a silk screen process.
  8. If it's silkscreened...that means...the print will eventually rub off like MC? :wtf:
  9. Isn't all canvas' silkscreened, even mono and else would they put a pattern on??? But then after they are sealed.

    I think the difference is on cerise, panda, groom, etc it's a second screening on top of the treated canvas, that is why they are prone to rub off.

    Unlike say CB where its a different screened canvas, that then gets treated...thus no rub.
  10. That's kind of what I was thinking..if you look on the Elux site, it says it's a Damier Azur coated canvas.
  11. I really wonder too!! I'd hate to have all my Azur stuff rubbing off!!!!!
  12. far as I can tell, it's just like normal damier but in different color(coated canvas). So I agree with Rebecca. It's off topic, I looked at my bags closely, the bag looks dirty but it's actually beige color shade.

    I personally don't trust everything SA said except senior SA..
  13. I agree too now that I take a closer look. :yes:
  14. Karman i have the same question : will it eventually rub off???
  15. :s