Is Damier Azur here to stay?

  1. It's suuuuch a beautiful line, but do you guys think that the damier azur line's going to become one of LV's "classic" lines? Just wondering.
  2. as far as I know, yeah :smile:
  3. i don't think its going anywhere.
  4. It was a perm line to begin with, but you know LV they can always change their mind.
  5. ita. I think it was designed to be like the mc, a permanent line. But I have this gnawing feeling it's not going to stay bec. I just don't think it's been accepted completely. I myself have flip flopped on it, first I hated it, then loved it and now have reconsidered again, just not sure I like how it will look w/ patina so I hesitate.

    I think it's been a hit in that it's been selling and waitlisting, barely able to get it on elux(then again I can't help but feel that this was artificially done to create buzz although I did read here that there was a problem w/ production and that was the reason for the backlog).
  6. I don't think it's going anyway, I don't think they'd release so many different bags in it if they are planning on it only being around a short time
  7. The reason I ask is because it just seems to be such a perfect line to be released for Spring/Summer, and it doesn't seem to be as versatile as the other lines. It feels more like a ... "resort collection" to me you know?
  8. I think it's here to stay. It feels a need for the customers that don't want to carry lots of brown (reg damier & mono) during the summer. Although, I have and love these lines as well.
  9. although it does seem like the perfect summer collection it actually launched durring the winter season last year but the waiting lists where long only now is it becoming easier to get
  10. I love Azur!!! I hope it stays :smile:
  11. I think they'd be great as summer bags! But I too still worry about the vachetta turning dark. :sad:
  12. yes
  13. yes. its here forever. i hope it doesnt wipe out original damier, because IMO. its much prettier!