Is cyclamen being discontinued?

  1. Just wondering. My SA said previously that it was difficult to get cyclamen kelly/birkin... but of late, seems that the stores are receiving cyclamen birkin/kelly.

    Strangely, sometimes my SAs tell me that this and that colour and leather has been discontinued for a long time... and then out of the blue, a bag in that color and leather appears with a recent date stamp... Makes one wonder if Hermes does ever discontinue anything... or the workshop found a final piece of leather in that color and decided to make a bag?
  2. I was told by a SA that it was not offered at all at the July 06 podium, but then I think someone here mentioned that they are making it in epsom, but not chevre for 2007.

    I was curious how your DH found your lovely new bag....maybe there are more coming in as the orders taken at the last podium where cyclamen orders were accepted might just be coming in? Or, maybe just new store stock bags are coming in epsom? I don't know...
  3. According to my DH, he walked into the store, asked if they had any kellies, and the SA said that theyliterally just received some new stock. My DH asked for 28 cm. The SA then brought out a box shrinkwrapped in plastic and it was cyclamen epsom. However, it's is not in the new herringbone sleeper. It is still in the old orange sleeper... maybe this was old stock that was overlooked?
  4. Cyclamen is not being offered in Chevre at this podium, but it will be offered in Epsom :yes:

    IMO, Cyclamen looks good in both epsom and chevre ... I just wish they would offer fuchsia in Epsom again, I really think fuchsia looks great in that leather (was hoping for a fuchsia/cyclamen epsom bicolor Birkin in the future) ...

    My SA said that Cyclamen isn't that popular, which I feel is unfortunate because it's such a unique color. It's the perfect blend of pink and purple and for me it's the only "purple" color I will buy ...
  5. Yup! My SA told me that cyclamen will be offered in epsom for this podium but not goatskin. However, they DO have violet in goatskin so maybe for now it's going to take the place of cyclamen? I really hope not though ... Cyclamen is a gorgeous color
  6. it's so strange how unpopular colours become popular again. My SA was telling me how Thalassa blue was not popular when it was introduced as everyone prefered Blue jeans. Raisin was a real dud when it was introduced... no one wanted a raisin birkin, especially in box calf. Now, both bags are on the wishlist of many a TPFer
  7. Thalassa blue wasn't popular before? I love that color, there's something about it that really catches the eyes. As for raisin, I think it's a more neutral alternative to the purple line. It's like you still get the fabulous purple shade but it is more toned down. One of the complaints I've heard from other people about Cyclamen is that it's difficult to match. However, I actually found it very versatile as it can go with purple tones, pink tones, as well as blue tones. It will also go with beige, grey, black and white. I think that's pretty versatile. :yes: