Is Curb Your Enthusiasm Over????

  1. Is this series over? My sister insists that Larry David died on the last show, I thought it was just a dream. Which was it?
  2. Yes, the show is over; but, no Larry David did not die. That was a dream.

    I loved the show - probably one of the only DVD's of a tv show I would actually watch over and over.

    too bad it is over, IMHO the show could have continued forever without going stale.
  3. Another great show by HBO! If you haven't seen it then rent the DVDs.
  4. The season is over, not the show, right??? I will have to research this. I know someone that works for that show.
  5. HBO said the show was done - if not that is great; but, according to HBO it was the "Series" finale.
  6. Really? I was under the impression that it was coming back for one more season.
  7. I heard it was over. Loved the show!!! Truly miss it.
  8. Update on this. Richard Lewis was on The View this morning, he said there will be another season and Jamie Lee Curtis will play is gf on the show. So yes there will be another season!!! YAY!
  9. Yay! I love this show, its hilarious. I catch the re-runs as much as possble. I need to buy the DVD.
  10. Oh I am so happy to hear this - my favorite show of all time!!!!!!
  11. YES, Love LOVE this show. Hopefully longer than one more season!
  12. good! i am looking forward to the new season! i adore this show, larry david and his antics really crack me up!!! and i love the opening tune to the show too.
  13. I might give this show a whirl. Ive never watched it. My Husband likes it.
  14. I am such a fan, err geek, that it used to be my ringtone on my cell. When it comes back on, I will switch it back. :jammin:
  15. I love this show. Larry David and the entire cast are hilarious!!