is Coral a staple color for the classic flap???

  1. :confused1: I really want one! I saw this color last year I think for Spring or Summer. Does chanel have this color in the classic flap every year?(crossing fingers):hrmm:
  2. Could be seasonal - it is a beautiful color. Hope you find it:smile:
  3. Yah it probably comes out only on summer or spring collections. But I was wondering if its a color they do every year at a specific season? :s (really2 crossing fingers)
  4. I saw a coral caviar classical flap today in the Short Hill Neiman Marcus. Irina, sales associate showed me several classical flap bags including coral, baby pink and beige.
  5. mercer, thanks for that info. if you dont mind, can u ask your SA, when you get the chance, if the coral is a color that Chanel does every year? As much as I'd loove to get it before the price increase, I just bought a classic flap in white and the rents wouldnt be too happy to see another thousand dollar bag on my credit card bill :sad: thanks a bunch! :flowers: