Is copying another seller's listing common practice?

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  1. I have a few questions about a recent listing.. The seller is from Japan with feedback under ten (all purchases, not sales). I am a buyer from Canada with feedback under ten as well. The instructions regarding bidding are word for word (cut and pasted) from a listing I recently won for the same item in a different color. Is it common practice for sellers to use other sellers' descriptions and instructions like that? Also, it says the standard int'l shipping is $12.99, and when I clicked on the option to see more options, it notes that expedited shipping is $1299..?? There are numerous photos displaying the item, and they're all fabulous. It's a BIN/offer listing, but I'm very unsure about this. Also I've never ordered anything from Japan before. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Sellers are not permitted to use other seller's photos or descriptions without permission. To do so is a copyright violation. If the seller used her own words and photos for the description, it might be a bit of a stretch to claim a copyright foul on things like bidding instructions, shipping instructions, customs rules etc.

    I'm sure the expedited shipping is just a typo but should be clarified if that option is chosen.

    I would be leery of buying from any seller who had less than ten feedbacks and no seller feedback, particularly if it is a high end item. The fact that it is coming from Japan with significant time differences, language differences etc would add to the leeriness. I would probably not do it.

  3. tend to agree here.. would look for your item elsewhere...
  4. Thanks so much for your responses! I appreciate them. Having only made a few purchases on ebay, it's nice to know there is a place full of informed and helpful individuals who can help me navigate these waters!
  5. The above posters are right, it is a copyright violation--but I've seen it a lot with buyers trying to resell something they've bought off Ebay. Many times, when my buyers purchase something that doesn't fit, they'll copy and paste my entire description into their own resale listings...usually in that case, I'll let it go, or maybe leave a friendly note letting them know that I'm okay with it, but many other sellers are not and to check with them before copying a description. (It's definitely preferable to the buyers making up some SNAD crap and trying to return!) Now if people used my pictures (and not common stock pictures), I would definitely unleash my wrath on them.
  6. I would stay away from sellers who just use other people's photos and descriptions unless they have permission to use it. Still, you want to buy from someone with actual true photos of the item they are selling, not just stock or random photos they find on google.
  7. The same seller could have 2 eBay accounts.
  8. Is that allowed on Fleabay?
  9. ^Yup, though most people have one account for selling and one or more others for buying.
  10. ^Ah good to know.
  11. You can have as many accounts on ebay as you want as long as they don't interact with each other (i.e using them to shill bid) and you have a separate email address for each of them. :smile: