is coppola sc too big for evening?

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  1. i'm divided on whether or not to sell my speedy eden and get the coppola mono sc. but i'm worried it's too big for an evening out (dinner/movie)? i think the speedy 30 is the perfect size but the sc is more like a 37 from what i read... what are your thoughts???
  2. I think it's big for a cocktail party or black tie event, but going to the movies or dinner SC is fine, and it's the prettiest.
  3. have you thought about the SC clutch? that would be perfect for your needs:smile:
  4. I think its ok for dinner and movie. SC in PM size coming in oct, think it may resolve your concern
  5. The only problem with getting a smaller size or the clutch size is that you cant use it for a lot of other occasions too. I would go with the regular sized one because then you can use it in the day too and for so many other things!
  6. Perfect for the movies - think of how many lollies you could smuggle in and avoid paying the over-inflated prices for munchies at the ticket booth! It's the perfect bag for nearly every occasion, it's classy but can look casual at the same time depending upon your clothes and for that reason is supremely multi-purpose. If I had one of those babies I'd sell everything else.. it's definitely on my one-day list! :nuts:
  7. I love the mono sc and I think it's super chic BECAUSE of the size. I think it would be ok for casual and dressier occasions. I do love the Eden speedy though which is a perfect size.
  8. Thanks everyone- I agree! Def. not for a black tie event. I love the size of my eden speedy and have seen pics of the new pm coppola sc. It's really cute, but I've read that it won't be made in monogram.:sad: Plus I like the handles better on the larger one. The slouchy/less-structured shape makes it more versitile. Sometimes I feel like the eden speedy is too dressy to wear to a BBQ or more casual event...
  9. Thanks for asking this question! I also want this bag but am concerned about the size as I've never seen it in person. I was really hoping it would come out in the pm size, maybe it will eventually...argh.

  10. Really... :graucho: Anyone know how "small" it will be? Which Speedy size is it comparable to?
  11. ^^I was told the speedy 30 size.
  12. i just called LV and they said the smaller PM SC is in between a speedy 25 & 30 (measuring approx 11L x 8W). she also said that the larger SC wouldn't be too large for evening, its only 2 inches longer than the 30. maybe the PM would be too small for me?? i may take the plunge!
  13. DONE! i just ordered it- will post pics when arrives! thanks for all of your help!!! :yahoo:
  14. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your reveal!
  15. Ooohh congrats! Can't wait to see your pics!