Is conditioning leather necessary?

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  1. Most of my bags are leather, but I've never conditioned, Appled, sprayed them with anything. Does treating the leather really make a difference and what's the potential affect on the leather if I don't ever do anything? TIA
  2. I've never conditioned any of my leather bags and my mom and I own some of the older vintage ones. They're all still in very good condition. :shrugs:
  3. It all depends on the environment they are stored in and the weather they live in and exposed to. Some leathers are hardier than others, better quality than others. Leather can dry out, it can crack, fray and fall apart. It needs to breath and retain moisture, kind of like our "skin!"

    What I do know is my leathers feel and look great after I moisturize them.
  4. Conditioning makes a BIG difference! Leather dries out just like skin, and since you live in AZ you've sen what constant exposure to the sun can do to skin. Air conditioning dries leather out too.

    Check Coach's website for their recommendations about which kinds of leathers should and shouldn't be conditioned, and then buzz down to Pep Boys or some place that sells Lexol Conditioner and pick up a bottle. Then spend an evening doing every one of your leather bags and the leather straps and trim on your fabric bags..

    I condition my leather Coaches at least once a year and even the ones that are 15 years old look brand new. It doesn't make sense to spend good money on a bag and then not take care of it.
  5. Once a year^ Thanks Hyacinth. I always wondered, but never asked or researched on the # of times.
  6. It really depends on how much they're used. If you live in a rainy climate, condition them more often. If you're just doing a home - car - office - car - home routine and live in a temperate climate, they take less care than if you're hiking five blocks thru a crowded midtown full of diesel bus fumes or standing hip to hip with the Unwashed Masses in a crowded bus or subway twice a day. Sun, dry climates, dust, pollution all take its toll just like on human skin. If you live in an area that's hard on your skin it'll be hard on your purses too.

    And clean them before conditioning them if they need it, especially if you have a habit of putting them down on the floor at your job, in restaurants or in your car. Coach leather cleaner is good but I can't recommend their leather conditioner because it contains silicon - use Lexol or Apple products instead.
  7. Thanks for the advice Hyacinth. You really are a wealth of knowledge. I'm going to look for that Lexol Conditioner and try that. Hubby will be so excited when I tell him I need to go do a little shopping at Pep Boys! His birthday is coming up, maybe this will be my present to him--an evening at Pep Boys.
  8. Thanks for the detailed info. :tup:
    Do you have any recommendations for the patent leather?
    I remember a link LizCordova posted for something called patent glow, but I haven't seen any detailed tips/tricks for patent leather.
  9. I live in Oklahoma now. It's hot, HOT, H-O-T here! I think about my leather bags often. Once a year sounds about right.
  10. Wow, he's easy to please! You're a lucky lady!

    Wonder what he'd do for an evening at.... <whispers> Home Depot? ;)
  11. I honestly think that would put him over the edge!
  12. No, none of my bags are patent. I know that you should dry and clean it right away if it gets wet but that's all I know - oh, and don't use Vaseline.

    Even Google isn't much of a help, maybe someone here will have some suggestions.
  13. I had the same issue. My searches didn't help at all.
    Thanks for the suggestions though, anything helps.
  14. I can picture him standing in the Power Tools section, tears of joy running down his face... :smile:
  15. BMW dealerships also sell Lexol leather cleaner - much more fun shopping than Pep Boys!!!