Is coated canvas the wave of the future for Coach signature peices ?

  1. So I just had to go the boutique today and check out the new heritage stuff. Some of it cute, some of it not what I expected but I had one question. If this PVC coated stuff is stain resistent and wipes down, why wouldn't they just make everything like this, it looks the same right ? So my question is, are they testing out the market (I know LV has been using this stuff forever) to see if this is what they will be making their sig stuff out of or do you still think there will be a place for just the regular, stain prone jaquard fabric ?
  2. sorry "Pieces" I know how to spell, I swear !
  3. I breezed through today because I just didn't have a whole lot of time but the cosmetic case that I fondled was great! I think if they made (and if there was one there I just missed it) a shoulder bag out of this material I'd consider it.
  4. Mrs.MC, I hope this coated canvas is here to stay... its suppose to wipe easily and be easy to clean without having to use their signature cleaner, I guess I'll see once I get my heritage stripe satchel... I think though that they are going to have a variety of fabrics and they will still keep the jacquard fabric as well as this canvas just because I'm sure both will sell well... thats just IMO though. :tup:
  5. UCK...I hope they don't go with the coated fabric as the standard...I love the regular jacquard. I don't care for the "plastic-ky" feel, although I have to admit that it really makes the Heritage stripe pieces really POP.

    It seems really trendy and not something that will hang around a long time, especially since Coach is really known for their top quality leather goods.
  6. i don't know about it being trendy, but i think that it does "pop" like you say knuttybar... i think only time will tell, its still only January and some of the collection JUST came out, so I think time will tell... i think all bags in general go in/out of style... :yes:
  7. Is this coated fabric like what Dooney & Bourke have been using?
  8. yes, it is like the db mono and lv mono stuff. very durable and weather proof but a little stiff.
  9. I have to agree with this. Im not a huge signature fan anyway, but I would choose the jacquard over this coated canvas. Its definitely not for me.
  10. i love coach...a lot. but seriously, if i wanted canvas, i'd buy an LV. i go to coach for their leather pieces because they stand the test of time. the new signature coated canvas is cute on the heritage stripe, but if i were making a signature purchase anytime soon, i think i'd stick with signature fabric.
  11. I have to say that it isn't my thing either. As Mrs.MC verified, this is the same fabric that Dooney has been using on their "cuter" bags. I think it is great for the bags that the teens carry ( Bumblebee, etc by Dooney) but I also believe that when you hear Coach you think of yummy leather or the signature C's on a bag. I know the LV's have almost the same feel, but that fabric has always been LV and it just seems right for them. Just my opinion.
  12. Hmmmm...I like it on the new Heritage bags because it just seems to work. Overall, however, I still prefer the jacquard fabric. I agree with Blackbutterfly--if I wanted coated canvas, I would look at LV or Gucci. I just love COACH's jacquard fabric.
  13. I was talking to my SA on the phone earlier and we were chatting about them, and we agree that the heritage stripe line is great for stuff like...going to the beach, pool, amusement park, camping,or even travel, etc...anything that takes you outdoors and to the elements. So I think that this style will fill a specific niche for most people and be really cute travel/summer bags.
  14. i dunno how "trendy" coated canvas can be if lv has been using it for so long. its extremely durable (way more so than leather or jacquard fabric) and very easy to care for. as for it replacing leather or jacquard, i doubt it, but i personally think its nice to see coach going in new directions with their material selection. thats just my $.02
  15. I really hope this is not the wave of the future, so to speak. I am, admittedly, a leather girl but lately I've been seriously considering that I need something in signature (probably a Carly but it remains to be seen). But I do not care for the coated canvas at all. For those who like it, that's great, I just know that it isn't for me.