Is Coach your desktop??

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  1. Hi all, if this needs to be moved so be it!:yes: I had no idea where to put it, but I thought it could...(maybe:confused1:) be a cute idea.

    So if you do have a Coach desktop....(I hope i'm not the only one, lmao..) you can post it here for all to admire!

    Here's what you do:

    **Have all windows and browser pages minimized and have your desktop showing.

    **Then press the fn and Print Sc buttons down at the same time and let go.
    (On my HP laptop the prt screen key is in the right hand upper corner...the fn key is in the bottom left hand corner)

    **By doing that a screenshot of your desktop exactly how you see it, is saved onto a copy clipboard.

    **You then goto whatever editing program you use and just push PASTE.
    **If you did it right your whole desktop should be showing in the program!!!:yahoo:

    You can then resize in your program to about the size I am going to use or you can goto a free resize site http://photosize.comand resize it to 75% out of the three choices.

    So if this idea flops oh well!! :shrugs:I am just way bored and would love to see if anyone has a cute wallpaper.

    **If you don't have a coach wallpaper, post whatever one you have:tup:**

    Heres mine...Legacy hehe

  2. I don't have the desktop, but I do have the scribble screensaver. Its from 2 or 3 springs ago. Not sure if you would post a screensaver the same way since its in motion. It draws & colors in all the pastel colored scribble "c"s. People who see my computer get a kick out of it!
  3. Here's mine, HELLO KITTY!
  4. mine is a pic of DH and i at our wedding. i think if i did coach my coworkers would b in hysterics.
  5. Nope, mine is Hoops & YoYo (from Hallmark)!
  6. [​IMG]

    If someone has some cool coach ones please share...
  7. :huh:o! i actually have the tattersall print as my desktop!!! I tried to find the link to the site again but it seems that it got removed! I will try to upload this on an external site for all to share!
  8. I'd love the Tattersall print or the Coach scribble print as my desktop...those are my two favorites.

    Damier Azur from LV is also really pretty :smile:
  9. This is currently my desktop. But will be taking another pic soon so i can change it.
  10. Awww. Too cute! I love your doggy and his/her cute little costume. :love:
  11. No not as my desktop, but I have the green scarf print as my screen saver.
  12. Thanks! My dog is a he. He's so cute, he just stays however i position him when i take pictures. He's a very obedient model hehe. He hates his costumes though, everytime when i'm not looking he tries to take it off.
  13. I have the tattersall print on my computer at home, I might actually even have saved the file, I'll have to see when I get home tonight, it's no longer on their website.