Is Coach Serious?!

  1. yeah...never mind...I'm an idiot who hasn't eaten much today...

    sorry - mod's please delete! thank you and sorry again!
  2. Perhaps its a limited edition, they only made a select # of them, they are made with gold instead of leather?

    Damn, I'm reaching here! Ha ha. That's nuts.
  3. OH OH OH - bad...that applique wallet is a CLUTCH wallet...not a multi function! nevermind! I'll shut up now!

  4. silly you- go eat! :yes:
  5. you peaked my interest!
  6. what's goin on?

  7. LOL... this totally sounds like the day I was having the other day - go eat something, it helps. :yes:

    BTW - I picked up "THE" book at Barnes & Noble yesterday... can't wait to get started on it. :graucho:

    (PPS. The cover was freakin hilarious and had me laughing in the store - that is a good sign.)

  8. I missed it =(
  9. Girl, it's time for See's!
  10. so lost.
  11. any excuse, eh? :graucho:
  12. me, too! :confused1:
  13. But I recognize the word See's!!
  14. Oh, SEE'S!! I need See's! (what excuse can I use?) I bought a new bag and my dh made me promise not to buy anymore until I loved the ones I have already some more.... Now I'm in mourning for all the bags I cannot buy over the next couple of months. And I'm PMSing! And it freakin' snowed here today! Geesh, I need some See's bad!
  15. ...vattttt?