is coach fake gucci/ poor mans vuitton

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  1. I am a fan of coach i abosultely love them they make such great designs and are so funcitional and have such a larger vareity of products i am starting to get into the coach jackets and scarves but i have noticed that i have had many people call my signature pieces fake gucci i also had a women when i was walking up madison just leaving the coach store at 57th and madison say to her husband (i assumed ) oh that is poor mans vuitton. I have had my nina sunglasses called fake chanel sunglasses ( i can understand the sunglasses being called that b/c chanel does do the logo plate on side but overal coach and chanel logos are two different logos ) i have actually had my hamptons classic swingpack called a fake chanel bag when i was at the burberry boutique and one of the burberry SA"s had to correct the customer nicely and say no that is a signature coach bag .. thank god i shopped often at that burberry location so they could speak up ;but my questions for the forum are have others had people call their signature pieces fake coach or had indiviuals downplay their coach pieces as if coach is not a respectable leather good company ?
  2. I think there will always be people who look down on some brands and revere other brands; it's part of the nature of fashion, I guess. I can afford to buy other brands but I love Coach's gorgeous leather and quality design. I wear it because I love it.

    I think people who make those kinds of comments just remind us that money can't buy class.
  3. Nope. Where I live, Coach is considered high end so I have no problems with anyone looking down their nose at my bags. I say who cares? Wear what you like, love what you wear and ignore those who aren't classy enough to have respect for others.
  4. i love both lv and coach, but think the comparison is like apples and oranges. i mean, lv is vinly, and coach is leather and fabric. but i think lv bsgs outlast coach.

    personally, i dont like gucci sig at all and think coach is prettier
  5. I have never had any of my Coach pieces called that.
    I believe it's comparing totally different things. Gucci has it's thing: horsey? things, the horsebit, LV is the mono coated canvas, Channel it's quilted, chains, black and white etc etc.... Coach is classic leatherware. Always has been and always will be. They may do their trendy thing here and there but they always go back to classic leather.... Bleecker and Ergo for example.
  6. Almost every name has a signature version because logos are so popular. I never considered Coach a poor man's anything as they were originally known as a great American made leather bag and didn't introduce the logo print until much later. I went to macy's the other day and noticed Michael Kors, Liz Claiborne, Dooney and Bourke, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and other logo bags. Different price ranges, just a trendy popular look. I don't know why Coach takes such a hit in the hierarchy of bags, Michael Kors and BCBG are similiar price ranges and I don't here much flak about those. I do hear Dooney insults occasionally but not as much as Coach. I also hear the other end of the spectrum, that Coach bags are way too expensive when you can go to Target and get a bag for much less. So I guess it depends on who is critiquing the bags.
  7. I think coach has that stigma because it's an american brand that isn't grossly over priced. Louis vuitton, gucci and burberry bags are marked up 60 or more times their cost to manufacture. Coach makes quality products without gouging their customers. ( And YES I realize most coach bags are made in China). The amount of fake bags that tacky girls carry doesn't help the situation for this brand.

    Read "Deluxe" by Diane Thomas, it will open your eyes to the fashion industry.
  8. I'm sorry you had these experiences. Some people have no class.

    However, in some way Coach has brought this on themselves by sending all their production to China and still raising their prices to appeal to a higher end market. If I'm going to pay $600 plus for a bag, it better be made in Europe or USA. I love the Coach bags I have, but probably won't be buying more.
  9. OMG, I've never had an experience like that ever. If people say this about Coach, what do they say about Dooney & Burke?? Sheesh!! Everyone has different tastes and each of these brands have different "staple" items, like nolarice said. Going through every designer brand, I like Coach the best and it has nothing to do with price or popularity. I love the quality and the styles they produce. I could buy as many LV items as I want, but I like Coach - no, love Coach. Some people are are so rude...
  10. Live and let live. Get what you want and be happy. If what you get doesen't satisfy YOU get something else. If what others think bothers you to such an extent that you can't enjoy what get, get something else. Humans are social animals.
  11. ITA. Coach was one of the first great brand names in the US and I am proud of that. If anyone actually says that to you because you like Coach, well then that just proves that money can't buy class. I think Coach is awesome, sturdy, gorgeous, stylish.....can't say enough good things about them! PLUS, they stand by their products....something I've heard some of the other highend companies DON'T what you love and be proud of it!
  12. I'm sorry for your bad experiences, sign_coachboi, there are some really terrible people out there. Yuck, they just make me mad!!! There are A LOT of people on this forum that carry Gucci, LV, and Coach. They are all very different in their own ways. Price doesn't always mean better.

  13. Well, your in New York City right? Yea, I've seen the coach boutique at 57 and at Saks. But what new york city is notorious for, as well as other cities in united states is selling fakes in chinatown. It's becoming more prominent and widespread how fakes are getting to look real and that its spreading because of the logos name. Coach is now very popular and these groutesque ladies :cursing: just wait around and ask you if you wanna buy coach and stuff. I guess because everyone knows that, people immediately thought it was fake. or either you weren't dressing well enough or maybe it ressembled to much like other brand name bags or either these people that you met have no taste at all. :shrugs:
  14. You should tell those people that wearing Chanel doesn't automatically mean you have class! How rude of them!

    Most people associate Coach with high quality leather which is a reputation it had before it became a craze for people to be obsessed with the logos.

    To be honest, I have a Coach bag from 2003 and a LV bag purchase in 2003 and that Coach bags looks better today than the LV. I still like the LV, but Coach can definately hold it's own and beyond.

    Bottom line for me is, if I see a Coach bag I like it and I can afford it I get it. If I see a LV bag and I like it and can afford it I get it. It's not about a status, it's about a love of bags and buying what I think is cute. I never stop to think of what other people will think of that bag, I am the one who is going to own it. People who carry things only for status have some type of issue. Carry your Coach that you love proudly past them.

    Also- If someone works in the fashion industry aka a Burberry store, they should know what all the designer logos look like and should be able to tell the differnce between the Coach C and Chanel C in their sleep. If they really don't know which is which, they are obviously idiots lol.
  15. This is so well-said! I totally agree!
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