Is coach another LV outlet???

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  1. I just went to coach last weekend when I walked into the store, I feel I am walking to LV outlet, of course, LV doesn't have outlet but the style is what I am talking about, I can see Alma, Speedy B, Neo, Neverfull , Metis, Vernis Alma, vernis zippy wallet. I asked myself, what is going on? Why do their styles look so similar like LV? I looked the Artsy on my shoulder and thought to myself, at least I don't see any of coach bag's handle looks like my Artsy. :sweatdrop:
  2. Coach always seems to be coming out with something similar or identical to LV. They just released a line on Coachfactory that has coated canvas that matches the color of LV, and a leather that is the same shade as vachetta. I thought that it was a bit to far.
  3. I think Michael Kors is even worst than Coach. Everything looks wayy similar to LV.
  4. I agree! He even has a Neverfull type bag with a damier print, but in black/white :P

  5. Yeah he's the biggest offender.
  6. I totally agree.

  7. This is a replica Michael Kors, but still quite hilarious. 😂


  8. Whaaat? NO WAY. I have yet to see this. I've only seen the "neverfull" with his monogram. :tdown: Although I do love the selma bag in saffiano he has.... really similar to Prada though.

  9. :roflmfao: I'm dying.
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    I can't even believe this exists! Omg lol
    (I meant to quote the replica Michael Kors, but u guess I didn't.)
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    I couldn't agree more.

    I see a lot of other designers Tory burch, Micheal Kors, Aldo's, etc replicating LV's hand bags (Alma's and Speedys). Idk, if you all see the similarities, but I do.

    I love LV for not having such a fast turn around styles and that they keep an Iconic collection (Noe, NF, Speedy).

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  12. Some of Michael Kors bag does looks like LV but some of his other designs beside the LV look like is gorgeous though...
  13. i get that the silhouettes are classic and blah blah blah, but when youre a major fashion designer i feel like you should come up with your own ideas, no!?
  14. I saw a Hello Kitty bag at the grocery store the other day that looked like the Rouge Fauvite Vernis Alma!!
  15. I must say though that they could not copy the alma shape well. LV does it the best :smile:)))))))