Is Clifton, New Jersey safe area to stay?

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  1. I'm planning to head down to NYC and was hoping was wondering if Clifton, New Jersey is a safe area? Approx. how far is the drive to Manhatten?

    Suggestions on hotels in New Jersey (any part that is not too far to drive into Manhatten) is appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. I guess clifton is okay (in terms of a commute). I am not a particular fan of route 3 and taking the lincoln tunnel. Safety in Clifton should be fine.
    How about staying at either the Teaneck Marriott or someplace in Fort Lee OR some place in Jersey City?
  3. of course in every town there's going to be a nice area and the not so nice area. Even Newark has a nice area, well semi-nice.

    For hotels if u wanna be close to the city, how about jersey city.

    don't have that much experience with hotels here but my family normally stays in Fairfield Residence Inn(in fairfield) whenever they visit.
  4. Jersey city works, or Fort Lee. I personally don't know Clinton, but I do know Jersey City and Ft Lee.

    I know a lot of hotels by Newark Airport have specials as well.
  5. I wouldn't stay in Clifton - try the Saddle Brook area. I know there's a Marriott & Hilton in that area as well as some others. It's also within close proximity to NYC. Hope that helps!!
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    Nothing wrong with staying in Clifton...but what about staying in Secaucus? Secaucus has plenty of shopping and via the train, it's one stop from NY-Penn Station (33rd and 7th Ave). Here is a list of hotels:

    Driving from Clifton to NYC should take you about 20 minutes (with no traffic).
  7. I would not recommend driving into NYC. Parking and tolls are very expensive and you might hit lots of tunnel traffic.

    I'd recommend you find a hotel in a town close to the city that's near a bus or train stop so you can use public transportation to get here, which is what most of the locals do. I can't advise you as to a specific place because I live in Manhattan and don't commute to Jersey, but check Jersey City (the PATH train would be very convenient) or, as someone else mentioned, Secaucus.
  8. 15 minutes from manhattan.. and yes.. safe.
  9. ^^ yeah but I think there are better options for going into NY. I would almost even stay at a hotel near the Newark Airport, you have plenty of shopping and restaurants with Jersey Gardens and there are a lot of options for Mass transit as it can get super expensive to drive in multiple times with tolls and parking. Hoboken would be nice too and there's the path but I'm not sure how expensive that is to stay there, there's a new W hotel though: )
  10. Jersey City or Hoboken