1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone knows if I can still buy the [SIZE=-1]Christian Louboutin DECOLLETE 868 pumps in size 5.5 still. I'm located in Canada so Louboutin shoes are limited here. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! :yes:

  2. You mean for less than $850 on eBay and with no risk of them being fake?

    Then no.
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  4. Javaboo, CL is still making this style. They retail for approximately $540 to $800+ depending on the material of the shoe. Be careful with the sizing of this shoe -- it runs REALLY small. I normally wear a 37.5/7.5 in non-designer shoes and usually buy an 38/8 in Christian Louboutin. However, I had to size up to an 38.5/8.5 in both pairs of decolletes I own.

    Three weeks ago, I found a pair of camel leather (called "camel jazz" on the box) decolletes at the Nieman Marcus in White Plains, New York (877-634-6269). I don't know what sizes, if any, they still have or if they deliver to Canada. Nieman Marcus stores (but not the online web site) only accept Nieman Marcus or AMEX credit cards.

    Nieman Marcus' website also has offers a personal shopper inquiry service whereby you can submit a request for an item, and they will check their stores to see if it is still available. The link for this is: Neiman Marcus Online

    Net-A-Porter offered gray patent leather decolletes this week. However, they sold out of all of the sizes in a day. I noticed today that a seller on Ebay is offering these same shoes for a $200 markup.

    You can also try calling the CL boutiques. I have usually had great service from the one on Horatio Street in NYC (212-396-1884). However, CL's website also lists many other boutiques and retailers where his shoes are sold: Christian Louboutin - Luxury red sole shoes and more...

  5. There are a couple of pairs on Bluefly right now. They're very limited, but a good deal if it just happens to be a color and size you're looking for. Also there's an extra 10% off with promo code 8VRDYRB

    Bluefly - Find Women's Designer Dress Shoes at discount prices at - #2039128 - Christian Louboutin tobacco kid 'Decolete' pointed pumps

    Bluefly - Find Women's Designer Dress Shoes at discount prices at - #2039245 - Christian Louboutin nude kid 'Decolette' pointed pumps
  6. I just got a pair from the Beverly Hills store (not same size you are looking for) for $540. They def run small and for me were hard to wear. I sent them back in exchange for the Simple pump. It is so much more comfortable, easy to wear and has a similar look. The simple pump is also cheaper at $495. I had a friend order the Decollete from Paris and it was about a $100 cheaper.
  7. oh i would die to own one of these babies!!! they are so beautiful! on my list!
  8. not avaible at all. I have been looking for these tooo :sad:
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  10. Duh...I just noticed lol
  11. haha, you're just being helpfu. =)
  12. javaboo, if you're not in a rush, Net-A-Porter is getting them in black leather. not sure of the time frame but it is sometime this season. i reserved a pair through