Is Chloe Silverado no longer belongs to the IT Bag??

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  1. I purchased a Silverado Python for nearly 3000USD last year.. Used it handful of time.. and try to sell it on ebay.. less than 5 ppl interested on the bag.. and ppl gave me some low ball offer like 900 or 1000USD.

    I remember a while ago ( 3 months ago) , the bag can still sell for around $1800USD.. but somehow, I only able to sell my bag for around 13xx USD.. it is very low...

    Is this bag consider to be " OUT" ?? :amazed:
  2. In general, $3000 is steep for any bag. And, since it was used, ppl might not want it for near retail price. And isn't the silverado more popular in leather?

    (In all honesty, I think the bag was "out" last season. But I still see ppl using them, and it never fails to catch my attention. Definitely a looker. =P )
  3. haha. I agreed 3000USD is a bit too expensive for a handbag..

    I felt it is out too.. since nobody ever talk about the new silverado on fashionspot or any other forum these days. Maybe 13xxUSD is a good price for the bag.. if I sell it 3 month later, might be I only can get 900US :P who knows.. hehe

    How about Paddington? do u think Paddington and Spy? are they "out"?
  4. NEVER! (haha :amuse: ;; I'm still very much in love with them. The two are one of the few "it" bags I will never admit to being 'out'. Love them soo~ )

    I think the paddington will stay pretty strong this season. My friend is still getting compliments on her AW '05 chocolate paddy.
  5. I hope Paddington will go strong! I just purchased a new blanc paddington from chloe bahrain 2 weeks ago. But still prefer the texture on the paddington at 2005.
  6. i think the spy and paddington (but particularly the spy) is still going strong, but i never really thought of the silverado as an 'it' bag. when you reach the price range of 3000, it's going to be hard to get what you think you deserve for a handbag on ebay since most people with that money to spend are spending it elsewhere on a new bag (the python silverados are readily available, i saw one this weekend at saks). so if you're not going to use it, i say take the $1300.
  7. i think silverado is more classic than it, it will last longer than the paddy.
    and i like the silverado 10 times more than the paddy!
  8. I'm afraid while we appreciate the Silverado, it's days as a profit re-sale are over.
  9. Not long ago, I sold a $1250 Dior street chic, hardly worn, in great condition bag for about $400.00 - It killed me but I was buying like crazy and needed to unload - I literally gave the bag away - I know the feeling of doing that - it stinks (especially when all you hear about are the fraudulent sellers).
  10. I'd guess that a used bag of any kind that can still be purchaed would only get 50% of the original price.
  11. When I was in BH the other day, the whiskey paddington was in the most gorgeous window of one of the shops. I don't think it is out yet at all, Imo. The shops here are on top of things.
  12. I have a chocolate all leather Silverado and it's one of my favorite bags. Not too heavy, nice size. I love it and will continue carrying it for a while. The snakeskin ones though are more $$$ and I would think be harder to sell due to the cost.
  13. I've a Medium Gold Python and a Large Silver/Brown Python Silverado. I love them both heaps!!! I'm hardly an "it" bag pursuer as it takes at least 1-2 seasons for the bag to have "survived" before I would consider getting one. Case in point is the Spy which I am only just pursuing eagerly this season..ha ha ha...

    As per riotstar's & Fluer de Lis' comments, the leather Silverados are indeed more popular in the resale market than the python ones predominantly due to the pricing. This was confirmed by a popular handbag resale shop, Milan Station in HK. In HK,the Paddy was still going strong but its value has commenced declining.

    I still adore my python Silverados. I think its unique design, fussy & myriad details certainly set it apart from the simpler designed bags. They look great with most outfits. They definitely perk me up when I'm feeling dowdy on fat days!

    Is the value of a bag determined by the user's personal style, confidence (as in ability/willingness to use a bag deem to be "out" yet not looking "out" at all) and emotional attachment or by the bag's resale value? :smile:
  14. Echoing davina_lucilla's post, I hope the Silverado has surpassed the "it" status and has been elevated into the realm of the classics.
  15. i am sure it is like this.
    the paddy is pretty yes, but in five years or less it'll be dead and forgotten.