Is Chloe making the Silverado tote this season? (see pic)

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know if this is a current style?

    Also has anyone seen any discounts on Silverados anywhere? (esp. the tote- not the Doctor's bag) Thanks! :flowers:

  2. Another PF member and I inquired about sales on Silverados at Nordstrom SCP and were told that they would go on sale at the end of the year. I bought my Silverado on sale last month, they are not on sale now at the Chloe store or Nordstrom..
  3. I purchased a tote from Bloomingdales (see my thread in the deals and steals forum under bloomingdales 50% off) during their sale 8/10-8/13. They had one for what came out to be 65% off list. I assumed that since it was on sale that it was a return and/or discontinued model. Another tPFer LaLa06 said she ordered one from Bloomingdales in Soho. She didn't say the price. Maybe you can call Bloomingdales to see if they have any more in their stores.

    BTW, I love the bag and hope you can find one.
  4. Thanks you guys. :flowers: If I can't find it, I think I might have to wait until the end of season sales for this coming season... I kind of knew it would be a long shot, but I didn't become interested in this one until recently when I saw a girl carrying one at Saks. I love the shape, esp the trim at the handles. *sigh*
  5. This is such an AWESOME bag...I have it in the Tan/Beige color!:love:
    It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! & I just bought it, I think, last week!
  6. Congrat's Thom, I'm sooo jealous! Where did you find it?
  7. Yes i have ordered mine in bloomingdale Soho last week is just 25% off not as much as cheapmommy one , it is in Black color too, i still waiting for the delivery, since i have been waiting for a big black tote so i can't wait for Nordstrom end of the year sale now at least some discount, so call the bloomingdale, they told me that all the silverado big tote is mark down
  8. Cheapmummy, don't worry about your bag it is the same as mine, i finally got my bag, they mess up the shipping , so beside the regular 30%, the SA give me an extra 30% deal to the late shippment.
  9. That bag is beautiful! :heart: Does Bloomingdales Soho have any left? I'd love to go down and see it!
  10. Great deal!!! Waiting pays off. Enjoy the bag!!!