Is Chevrè bags possible to order at the Podium?

  1. I have ordered a 30 cm Birkin in either chevrè mysore or coromandel for the podium. Does anyone know if it's still available for bags and not just acessories at the moment?
  2. Yes, chevre is available. Good luck!
  3. I was told that it was (is) very difficult to get. My SA said that you should be prepared for a LONG wait.
  4. Thanks Sus and golden's mom! My SA asked me if I had a second choice as a backup but my heart is set on chevrè.
  5. I tried to PO rouge H in chevre and was told that this combo was likely not available. But, my SA advised that she could SO it for me.
  6. To be honest, no one will really be 100% sure in what sizes and/or colors Chevre might be offered at this podium until the managers start returning from Paris with that news.

    But for both the July 2006 and the February 2007 podiums, Chevre wasn't offered at all in 30 or 35 Birkins - it was offered in 28 and 32 HAC's and Kellys though. So it's possible that they'll start opening orders up for it again in Birkins and hopefully your SA will let you know whether your order was able to be placed as a podium order. If not, she may still be able to request it as a special order.
  7. ^^I can't understand why some bags are offered at podium in certain leathers whereas other bags aren't.
  8. It's the ateliers' way of having fun with us.:p Let's see how we can drive them crazy this time around......................*wringing hands*:devil:
  9. I think it's because goats are smaller than cows! :graucho:
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. In my part of the world, chevre mysore is not available for POs. And there is no comment for SOs either, as it's not encouraged. The view here is that there is coromandel, so customers can always have this alternative, and the limited SOs can be better used for other "skins" and combos.

    I'm not sure if anyone caught the posts that I posted some time back. It's coromandel souple that Paris is using these days; the stiffer coromandel in the past has been replaced by coromandel souple.