Is Cherry Blossom classy?

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  1. I have a brown mono cherry blossom papillon, haven't worn it since I was 13 (except once recently when I was wearing something really really neutral)
    otherwise I have no idea what this can match without looking sort of tacky. as a purse i think it's really cute i just dont know what to pair it with to avoid a chavvy/jersey shore/j.a.p. look

    *JAP stands for Jewish-American Princess. a stereotype. i didn't mean to offend anyone by that in case i did, im half jewish and i guess pretty "jappy" in a lot of ways but i dont want to project the typical jap look
  2. I think it's a cute purse for spring/summer, otherwise I agree this purse is really hard to wear. If you don't see yourself using it that often, you might want to sell it on ebay to get something you would wear more often. No sense keeping this purse just to have it sit in your closet!
  3. bonita applebum u gotta put me on bonita bonit bonita!!!!!!!!lol that's my song!!!!lol well i don't know if the cherries are necessarily "classy"...there's nothing wrong with wearing it if u like it..not my style but it is it'll always be's a matter of personal taste...
  4. It's not my thing, but if you like it ROCK IT!
  5. Personally, I don't find it to be a classy bag, but that's just my opinion. If you like it, you should go for it! :happydance:
  6. i think its more cute than classy..
  7. I agree that it is cute/girly more than classy.
  8. I think it is cute
  9. You can make it classy. Wear it with all black and patent pumps. Use it to add to a boring or monochromatic outfit. I know what you mean when you say that, my sister has it and she always struggles finding something to wear with it. She just did, in a black pencil skirt, white blouse, and red patent pumps. She looked really nice, oh she is watching me write this and said her nails were red... I think thats overboard though
  10. I think it is cute, not classy.
  11. it is a cute summery purse
  12. I think its whimsical and could add a fun touch to the right outfit.
  13. It's fun, but not really classy, in my opinion.
  14. It's cute and fun. I'd wear it in Spring with a neutral outfit.
  15. I wouldn't put it in the "classy" category. It's definitely cute though! I think it's a lot more summery/casual.
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