Is Chartreuse with GHW a special order???

  1. I am still lusting over a Chartreuse Bolide with GHW , just like Baggs.
    My SA says this combo doesnt exist, and Chartreuse only comes with SHW?
    Is this correct? I am going out of my mind waiting. Its been 7 weeks since I asked my SA. Is this normal?
    Should I phone her and jog her memory, or just continue to wait?
    Do you think I will have to SO this, if so when is my next opportunity? (sp?)
    Sorry for all the questions

  2. thats crazy--i have seen chartreuse/vert anis with both on every bag style
  3. EVERY and EACh color comes with either palladium or gold hardware it is just that some combos are produced in larger numbers (like bleu jean palladium )

  4. they have one at madison avenue right now-
  5. WOW!! is there
    How much does it retail for??

  6. didnt ask............i would guess about 4500 to 5200