Is Chanel Vero still active on ebay?

  1. I have reported several eBay auctions some getting up over $1000 for really bad fakes and eBay have done nothing about it, they let the auctions continue so some poor buyer is going to lose big time.

    Frustrated at eBay's lack of action I reported them to the Chanel Vero contact person and nothing, do Chanel still search ebay auctions as they were quite prevalent at one time.
  2. It has been noticed around here that the higher priced items do not get shut down. Seems ebay "may" keep them open because they get good fees off high dollar items...
  3. Chanels vero person is probably the trademark attorney for Chanel. They take their time with stuff like that but if you keep pushing them im sure they will do something about it. I just hate to see people have their money stolen from them. It make me so angry, it truly is stealing from hard working people :cursing:
  4. Eww, Poor buyer :cry:
  5. YUCK
    A couple of months ago over here in the uk chanel vero was really kicking everything of and suspending

    suspending authentic sellers too

    Now E bay uk is 95 percent full of fake chanel and nothing is happening
    I also reported a fake nothing happened
    so I think well am sure they are not as active

    REsult authentic sellers suspended
    fake sellers rampant

    Also some people are still ok to pay that money for a fake mad really

    you can never beat the fakers

    so sad it will do such bad things to e bay in the long run, its called fake bay over here anyhow