Is chanel Purple Satin Cabas a great bag as a daily bag?

  1. :heart:Do you think satin cabas is pratical to use as a daily bag?
  2. I would imagine that satin may get dirty easily and may be hard to clean.

    I never even knew there was a satin cabas. Pics? It sounds TDF.
  3. Sounds like a nice evening bag, but i think it will be hard to keep clean.
  4. Here is the pic. I like satin, but I m worried if the material is too fragile. :confused1:
  5. I saw it on another Chanel customer at Heathrow, it was very beautiful but I would be scared to snag anything on it.
  6. :love: I love the purple satin cabas!!! However, I don't think it will be a good daily bag!!
  7. Awesome! I remember the black satin one from last fall/winter show, but purple must be even harder to take care of. I'm crazy about my bags being in best condition, so that one would drive me crazy. But still it's a beauty!!!!
  8. I have a navy satin travel piece from Chanel of 3-4 years ago. I think they called it the 'ski bag' although it is not long enough to hold skis. It's more like a duffle bag that is about 25 inches long and perhaps ten inches high. I LOVE it and it has been so much more durable than I could have expected. I throw it in the trunk of the car, carry it on airplanes, stuff it under seats, etc. In the heat of travel, I sometimes forget it is a Chanel. Dumb, huh?

    I am not sure about this handbag (it's GORGEOUS) but the material looks strikingly similar. I assume you would hav eto be more careful with it as the others say. I just wanted to let you know if my expereince with the travel bag.

    And did I mention that it is as light as a feather?
  9. The bag looks beautiful -but u have to consider how much u worry about the condition of ur bags. If u will carry it everywhere for a few months and then retire it-go for it. If u worry about every spot and snag, this may not be the bag for everyday!
  10. I wouldn't choose satin material for everyday bag...
  11. That is such a standout piece. I love it. Just not for daily use.
  12. LOVE IT! But I would be sooooo worried about spots and snags.....
  13. This may be just me... but purple has never occured to me as a daily color. Maybe that's because not that many things will go with it in my closet? And satin will get snagged easily. I will have to give it a no go on the daily.