is chanel luxe ligne bowler still trendy?

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  1. i dont own any chanel purses but i've been thinking of purchase of luxe ligne medium bowler. but then is that purse still ok to wear? not too behind? i'm also wanting to buy LV ursula and they are almost the same price so i'm between them. what do you guys think???
  2. i just found similar threads in the past ;( sorry for this thread.. and i also found out chanel does not make the purse i want anymore ! :crybaby:
  3. No problem! Good luck in your decision. I personally LOVE the luxe ligne and don't think it's too trendy at all. You could always go with the non-metallic bowler in black, white or red, if you still worry too much that the metallic colors are too trendy.
  4. 90% of Chanel's aren't "trendy" or going out of style anytime soon. The Luxury Ligne is very timeless IMO. . . beautiful if you can find one!
  5. I have the black non-metallic medium bowler and the gold metallic large bowler and I LOVE them both. People ask about them all the time whenever I'm using them. Get it if you can find one.
  6. I think Chanel any bag is always in style. You even see people on TPF with vintage bags and they still look stylish and great!
  7. I personally think luxury ligne bowler is timeless. I have several colors of it and loving it. I always get compliments every time I used it.
  8. I still love the lux bowler!!
  9. thanks for all your reply and i'm so happy to hear you all saying chanel purses are timeless ! yes, i agree ! :yes:

    so now, the thing is .... how can i find it !!! ;( i saw someone got the luxe bowler fall 08 and they changed the handle and raised the price ridiculously :faint: i think lux bowler 06 looks the best and that is the style i want.

    someone said, boutiques in Tokyo might still carry them but then as some of you guys know chanel are much much more expensive in japan...and i find it a waste of money that i buy it in japan.
  10. You likely want the debut year of 2006 which is not in stores and hasn't been for some time.
    You'll need to weatch eBay or other consignment type sites.
  11. Still love my metallic silver Bowler.
  12. rei35, there are a couple on eBay right now. and i agree that this is a timeless bag. i have it in metallic black and it is still one of my favorite bags...
  13. The debut year 2006 luxe ligne is actually the only item on my wish list right now. I absolutely love it and am crossing my fingers for one!!! I wouldn't call it as trendy as the Coco Cabas, it's a classic!
  14. I :heart: the luxury bowler! I have 2 patents (navy and red) and I still love them till now! :tup:
  15. I just got a luxe ligne bowler. I love the luxe ligne. I have the flap in bronze. I hope that one day I can get my hands on the black metallic bowler.