Is Chanel lipstick all that?

  1. Should I buy some? Is it really that great?

    I like to wear one shade of lipstick-I don't switch around more-i am more interested in wearing a color that looks good on me than one that matches my outfit. I have very dark brown/black hair and very light skin. I am a casual dresser who wears a lot of darker colors-though, in summertime I have been wearing blues and light greens.
  2. i love the aqualumiere line to death - it's my absolute favorite. if you're looking for something sheer and very, very moisturizing then definitely give it a try. it's the best.

    for more saturated color, i prefer trish mcevoy.
  3. I'm not too crazy about shear lipstick. It kind of washes me out. I like a little color. I love Chanel's Hydrabase lipstick in Soft Mink. It's a fabulous color that is good for daylight and evening.
  4. What is yoru coloring kat? Sheer washes out on me too due to the dark hair/light skin combo
  5. It's all that and more, I'm talking about the newest one the colors aren't sheer they stay on and mouisturize your lips. The glosses are the best though.
  6. <<< my picture is my lips with one of the red shades of the new lipsticks
  7. Those are your actual lips? Wow-you have some great lips!

    Which one is that you are wearing?
  8. Thank you
    I'm wearing Rouge Allure 08 Brilliant
  9. My hair right now is pretty light from heavy highlights :sad: , but my skin tone is very light.
  10. Chanel4me83 - I'd kill to have lips like yours ..... Angelina Jolie eat your hear out ...:P
  11. OK-I just ordered a tube of the Hydrabase in the color "pulsion"-can't wait to get it!
  12. I really like Chanel lipstick. I have Infrarouge 49 Sweet 16 in my work bag.
  13. ^Yay...I finally know which color you're wearing in your avatar. I asked this question on a post of yours a few weeks ago, however with the board moving so I know.:smile: It looks so pretty on you Chanel4me83. This color looks warm to me and that's the only kind of red I can wear without it turning fuchsia. I have full lips as well and am a big fan of red lipstick.

    Thanks for posting. :flowers:
  14. Chanel4 Me83, that red does look gorgeous on you and you do have lovely lips! I never have lipstick turn fuschia on me but lots of colors turn orange (which looks terrible on me). With red colors I really like sheer and blue based colors, I don't have any Chanel reds but have read they are the best in the business. Peggy
  15. I am also a fan of Chanel's Aqualumiere lipstick. My favorite right now is a gorgeous coral-red called JAVA. It is not opaque and it has shimmer to it, so I find it to be perfect for summer.