Is Chanel less expensive in France?

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  1. thanks!
  2. totally depends on the model you`re looking for and your original currency...

    i was interested in the astrakan flap (now that i`ve seen it irl i think it`s like the ugliest bag i`ve ever seen) and the dollar price converted into euro was only like 10 euro more than what we pay here and i saw a ysl bag that is now even cheaper in the us!
  3. I was thinking GST and US Dollar.
  4. a gst comes to 1320 euro which would convert into about 1770 dollar...and the gst in the states is 1895 usd, no?

    hope that helps
  5. Claus hi, is the astrakan bag either flap or bowling in the Viennese boutique already?I've got to check it out-I fell in love with this bag I find it absolutely unique and eyecatching lol!:wtf:
  6. hi chanelspell!

    unfortunately, the viennese boutique didn`t have the astrakans yet, i saw it in frankfurt. as far as i understood it, they don´t even ordered the flap one but the bowling style. in the lookbook it looked so great, but it actually looks like a bunch of innards, kind of disgusting really.

    but i`ve seen the 8 knots hobo, all sizes of the rock, the bubble quilt hobo and the new glazed caviar jumbo

    oh, and some baby animals and pink travel ligne bags were on 30% and 50% off...
  7. Thank you Claus-they bring a few things here as you know that we have to drop by the boutique constantly!I guess the astrakan would be a" love it or leave it" bag lol!:graucho:
  8. i know! ms. rieger, the store manager told me to stop by every week for updates (which would be like totally embarassing to show up that often, but she told me that they were getting 8 knots shoppers soon. they looked really good in the lookbook!)

    you know, i first thought, the astrakan bag was made from real fur and was so excited and loved the idea, but then i saw it in real life and it just died instantly ;o(