Is Chanel having Quality control issue?

  1. Ladies,
    I bought medium caviar classic flap w/silver hardware Jan 31 - just before the price increase. The next day I returned to buy the same purse but with gold hardware. On Feb 4, I took the 1st bag back to Neiman's because after using the bag once, one of the stitches on the leather chain came undone.

    I'm still waiting to get that bag back from repair. 2 months seems excessive for a stitch, to be honest.

    This past weekend, I used the caviar flap with gold hardware for the first time. On Saturday morning, I noticed that one of the stitches on the leather chain needed to be restitched. Which I suspect will take 2 months to repair as well.

    I'm irritated that I spent $1595 + tax on each bag and they need repair after 1 use. Most of my chanel bags are vintage and they don't seem to have any problem being used.

    Are my expectations unrealistic? Have any of you had problems with Chanel's quality? Thanks!
  2. I haven't had any issues
  3. If it is a medium classic and you over stuff it, of course you are going to be pulling on the inner stitch.

    The time it takes for things to be repaired varies a lot. When I had my lux tote cleaned (and I have to say, it was lambskin and my cat scratched it quite badly, and Chanel took the scratch out!) it took 2 months. But when I had my medium classic fixed (It was to fix the stitching --- but then again, I used it a lot of times), it took only 1 month.

    Also -- I wanted to add that Chanel didn't charge me anything for the repairs.
  4. I feel so sorry for you and I can believe that you are irritated, you just don't expect this with such expensive bags.

    I hope they can fix your bag sooner as expected and that you can finally enjoy your bag like you're supposed to.
    Good luck with it!
  5. i had a lux bowler which got broken. the strap came off of the bag.
  6. I've never had a problem.
  7. I've had the strap come off twice on my new tote.
  8. When I read about the repair issues here, on TPF, I do think Chanel is having problems with quality control.

    None of my vintage bags have ever had a problem and I have started to abuse them a bit, since they are so old. They have really held up, abuse or not. I take extra special care with my new bags, just because I have read so much about the potential problems that these bags may develop. :shrugs:
  9. Wow, I really am concerned about paying over $2000 for a handbag that might have problems....thank you for posting your experiences. Should I examine the stiching very closely and make sure nothing looks frayed or will the SA be insulted??
  10. The leather from my chain strap also came loose, but not from stitches, just cheap glue. It wasn't even stitched together. Its now stretched and "curly" but I can never find time to bring it in, or rather, I can't bear to leave it with Chanel for so long. I feel your annoyance.
  11. Oh, and in my case, I wouldn't put it down to overloading since it is the chain itself that holds it up. One could blame that I was rough with pulling it across the holes but then, why was the leather merely joined with glue? That's bad workmanship if you ask me.
  12. Thanks for your input! I feel better knowing that I'm not alone.

    I never thought about overstuffing the bags since I only used them for evening. Is a cellphone, credit card holder, 1 tube lipstick, 1 lipgloss, and 2 pens too much for a medium?

    My NM SA was appropriately embarrassed because I'm going in today to pick the silver and will hand over the gold for the exact same repair.

    I'm just thankful I have my vintage chanels!
  13. I'm curious as to what her response will be. Will she be apologetic? The customer is never supposed to be wrong and a bag that is so expensive should hold as much as what can fit inside.

    Or will she be accusatory and try to put the blame on you? Please let us know! I think how she reacts to you will tell us a lot about Chanel.
  14. Yes, I do believe Chanel has quality problem.It's supply and demand. There aren't many high quality workers to supply for such high demand for Chanel bags.
  15. i sent something to chanel for repair and they told me 6 weeks and it ended up being 3. then again it came back in worse shape then it went out but that's another story (and chanel was incredible about the whole thing)