Is chanel cheaper in usa than uk? And...

  1. Hi

    Is chanel cheaper in the US than the Uk or do they roughly work out equal? (handbags & jewelery).

    Also ...Is it really true nowhere abroad would ship Chanel to the UK, is it not allowed by Chanel?:confused1:
  2. I think it's alllowed but with tax and customs it will definitely be more expensive to buy from the US than UK.

    Try another EU country. It ought to be a little bit cheaper but it all depends on the exchange rate
  3. Thanks Mediana!

    And I thought everything was cheaper in america!
  4. right now it is way cheaper in USA compared to european currency, because the dollar is very low.. but teh only way to take advantage of this is to buy bags and things on a trip, not online shops, because you get to pay taxes.
  5. Thanks M B, I wonder if there is anywhere to buy on line that you recommend, that would sent to the uk , as I am not taking any flight for a while.
  6. Could be, but I was just in the US and about to buy the timeless cluth when I realised that I could get the clutch in lambskin in Europe for the same price as a caviar in the US. However, it could be the exchange rate from swedish crowns that made it, not sure there. But it was cheaper for me to buy it in EUR instead.
  7. Hi there!

    I don't know how the tax works on the UK end, but US stores, online or not, should not charge you any tax if you are buying and sending the package aboard.

    On the other hand, do you know if UK's Chanel Boutiques or Chanel in department stores will send purchases to Asia? Will any tax be charged? TIA! ;)
  8. IIRC, Lucas (Chanelboy) at Nordstrom's in the US ships outside the USA. I would think that with the dollar at an all time low against both the euro and the pound, it could very well be cheaper for you to have it sent from the US. Just remember when you are figuring it out that in the US, prices quoted are without tax, whereas in European countries the tax is already included in the prices. So, whatever the US price is, you will pay that plus shipping and of course anything your own country MIGHT charge you for getting something from abroad, but you will not pay any US taxes. Don't forget to figure in how much your credit card charges for foreign transactions, which could be 2% and up. Hope this helps. ;)
  9. The problem isn't the tax and shipping in the US but rather here in Europe. At least in Sweden you have to pay a bundle. I bought a scarf on eBay for $247 and had to pay another $169 in tax, customs and administration fees. Not sure how it works in the UK but since both countrys are within the EU I would guess is about the same charges.
  10. I know it's cheaper to buy in the U.S. than it is in Australia. Aussies get a raw deal when it comes to Chanel pricing here.

  11. Thanks so much for posting details on overseas purchases Aimee3!:heart: