Is Chanel boy a classic?

  1. Hey ladies! What are your thoughts on Chanel boy bags?
    Is it a new classic?
  2. I think it is. It's super gorgeous, and in a short time, a lot of people already know about it. It currently does not trump the 2.55 double flap though.. this is the most classic and timeless bag EVER! All statements are just my opinion. :p
  3. The SA told me it is a classic now but from their website the boy bag isn't under the classic!
  4. My SA told me the same. So far though I've only seen seasonal styles of the boy, what would be considered the "classic" style?
  5. Maybe the quilted boy? Just boy bag in general, do you think it ever become one of the classics?
  6. I have the same question. And my SA said they are trying to making it the next classic. Im getting planning getting my next Chanel too.
  7. Technically, it is still considered seasonal. I think what you need to ask yourself before investing is will I tire of it in a couple of years or will it stand the test of time and be a "classic" staple in my own wardrobe. I try to do this each time now before making any purchases. As far as resale value in future if that is a concern, I believe that like all seasonal offerings, they will not retain as much value as classic flap and reissue. JMHO! Many of my favorite bags are seasonal offerings so if I love something, I do not let seasonal vs classic worry me at all. Buy what you love and what you think will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. Best wishes!
  8. Yes... I wonder if it is a bit of a marketing tool for Chanel to focus so much on pushing the Boy bag as the new classic so that they can continue to make the classic flaps more scarce and justify raising the prices so much on true classics.

    Just a thought...
  9. True. I adore the boy look to every extent and it would be exciting if it really bacame one of the classics! Thanks for contributing the thoughts!
  10. Interesting thought...
  11. The BOY Chanel bag (named after her lover Boy Capel) is a new classic. Officially it hasn't been added, but it was part of their yearly 2011/12 launch. It is a beautiful bag and worth getting. The prices of the classics, from what I know, will be going up.
  12. Well the prices for boy chanel arent that much cheaper compare to a classic. So But im still a little hesitating to buy it. Consider i usually carry style that is more feminine and classic styles. I guess i'll see. Debating btw a beige classic or maybe a light color boy now so. :p
  13. Yes they are close in price at this time, but I fear the classic flaps will keep going up and up! The boy bags are a gorgeous fresh alternative but I think you have to go with what makes your heart sing! I also tend to carry more feminine , classic styles. But some of the boy bags are stunning and quite tempting! Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  14. I think because Chanel is considering them to be a new "classic" that when the classic flap bag prices increase, so will the prices of the other "classics" as has been the case in the past. If it's classic, the price goes up. We have already seen in the past month that shoes have been increased in price across the board, with ballet flats going up $50+ and other shoes as well.
  15. IMO,no. The SAs will say it is to try to sell you one tho. It is a cute,hip bag reminiscent of the 60s but I do not think its a classic.

    It's ok tho , I own a lot of bags that aren't classics myself.